Are Parasites CAUSING Your Issues?

Parasites are not the root of your issues. 

That may be surprising, given how much I talk about parasites and getting rid of them. 

But no, parasites are not the actual root. 

Do they cause (probably) all of our problems? 


Are they opportunistic, stealing our nutrients, causing deficiencies, and resulting in allergies, digestive problems, mental health issues, autoimmune problems and chronic disease? 


Should we not regularly address parasites and eliminate them as best we can with antiparasitic foods and herbs? 

Of course we should. 

But here’s the crux: They are there for a reason. 

That reason is the actual root cause of all of the problems. 

People declare all kinds of things to be “root cause.” 

  • Inflammation
  • Parasites
  • Trauma
  • Toxins
  • Mold
  • Yeast
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Genetics

But none of these things is root cause. 

There is only one root cause, and from it all other issues spring. 

The root cause is your terrain: 

How healthy or unhealthy, balanced or imbalanced your inner ecosystem is… dictates everything else.  

Maybe you don’t believe me. 

Well… I can prove it:

  1. Look at the list of things above, or anything else you believe to be the root of disease (or your particular issues)
  2. When different people are exposed to the same thing: parasites, toxins, viruses, etc: do they respond differently to it? Does everyone get sick, and in the same way?
  3. If not, it’s not the root. There is something else that causes person to react differently to a particular exposure than someone else. 


Take trauma for instance: if you think of it, all humans experience trauma in their lives. Most people can point to singular events that were devastating and changed them forever. 


Why is it that some people are able to process that trauma, work through it, and live happy, healthy productive lives, while others just can’t do any of those things, and it drives them to all kinds of other issues, both mental and physical?

And food: Why are some people able to eat whatever and have a healthy weight, healthy mind, good digestion? And others can’t even be in the same room as certain ingredients without reacting? 


The ingredient is not the root. Just avoiding that ingredient is not the solution. 


Take the society-wide trauma that occurred from 2020-2022… why were some people affected in devastating ways while it affected others not at all?

(This is why avoiding a v!rus, or bacteria, or parasite at all cost is not the answer… getting to the root of why some were vulnerable is a much more appropriate solution). 

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When you are confronted with a statement: THIS THING is the root of all disease!

Ask yourself this: did something cause THAT THING? 


If so, it’s not the root.

Inflammation is a reaction. Therefore it is not the root. The question to ask is: what is causing my inflammation? (Inflammation, in fact, is a protective mechanism by the body. It is not our enemy). 


This is why I developed a 3 step protocol… and why only targeting and eliminating parasites is not a sustainable solution. 


This is why people remain on parasite cleanses for years and never feel fully better. 

This is why you might feel great for a month or two after a parasite cleanse and the issues return, sometimes even worse than before. 


Does that mean your “cleanse” didn’t work?

Of course it worked… the problem is, you didn’t get to the root. You didn’t finish the job. 


You have to address the REASON that thing was affecting you the way it was. 


You have to heal your terrain. 


Addressing parasites is step 2 of the 3 step protocol. 


In my opinion, step 3 is the most important step. If you do NOTHING else, do step 3 and you will achieve healing. It is more efficient and more quickly effective to do all 3 steps, which is why i recommend them. But the problem i see with most parasite cleanses is that they address ONLY step 2. 


The reason this doesn’t work is because parasites are NOT the root. 

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Step 3 works to balance and restore the ACTUAL root: your body. Your microbiome. Your immune system. YOU. 


Make YOURSELF healthy and parasites cannot thrive in your body. 

Make YOURSELF healthy and balanced, and viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold: they cannot take hold. 


Focus on YOURSELF. Not a symptom or a parasite or a toxin or a food.

Does eliminating and avoiding these things as much as possible help? Of course. But doing that is only managing the problem, not getting to the root of it. 


Do you want to heal? 


You must get to the root. 

You must heal and balance your terrain. 


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