Is HAPPY JUICE Legit? (Honest Review)

Happy Juice is all over social media… but what is it and why is it trending?

Is it really all natural, and does it really work?

Is it really worth it??

I am skeptical by nature, especially with these “trending” things that seem too one-size-fits-all to be true…. but the reports I’ve seen from real people who have seen tangible, lasting benefits had me curious–so I jumped down the rabbit hole and researched everything I could find about “Happy Juice.”

Happy juice comes in a variety of flavors, all naturally sourced from fruit, according to the website

What is Happy Juice? 

Smiling, bubbly, picture-perfect tiktokers, IG stars and other influencers are all over social media with their brightly colored Happy Juice, raving about how naturally delicious it is and how it’s helped them ward off mental health struggles, improved mood and eliminated brain fog, helped them lose weight and improve digestion as well as given them energy and mental focus!

But is it true? 

And are the ingredients as natural as they say?


When I first came across the company that makes Happy Juice, it was before Happy Juice was a product. I was interested in learning more about them because I had been researching the gut-brain communication system for years, and they have a simple protocol that addresses this connection, optimizing the communication between the gut and the brain along the vagus nerve.

Though I had been researching this connection for several years and was convinced of how powerful it is, I had yet to find a reliable protocol on the market that could restore and heal this connection, and help people heal physiologically and holistically both physically and mentally.

Read more about mental wellness and the gut-brain connection here. 

The gut-brain connection has so much potential: for mental healing, physical healing, and addressing chronic issues that have been difficult for the medical industry to effectively and reliably treat (mood, brain fog, psychiatric issues, spectrum disorders and focus, attention, behavioral and developmental problems).

I was impressed with their gut-brain connection protocol because the formulation had clean ingredients using only herbs, food and biotics, and there were thousands of people raving that they had been able to eliminate or avoid meds for issues ranging from mental to physical health, allergies and chronic illness.

Learn more about the gut-brain connection and this groundbreaking protocol here.


And the more I learned about this gut-brain connection protocol, the more impressed I was. The ingredients were clean, the formulations were truly groundbreaking, and people were getting real results! I had to try it myself, and if it was really helping people, I had to work with this company.

To this day, I recommend this protocol to get to the root of all kinds of problems from depression to anxiety, brain fog, irritability, memory and focus issues (for adults and children!) and allergies! Over time, it even addresses other deep-seated issues like hormone imbalance, blood sugar regulation and auto-immune problems. That’s what happens when you address the root.

But there was one problem.

The protocol is amazing and it gets to the root of so many things! It’s essential to restoring those connections lost for so many people.

But it doesn’t taste amazing. It’s a flavorless drink and some capsules.

Just a little bit… Boring.


Then something amazing happened.


The same company came out with a new drink called Edge… it was marketed all on its own–a delicious new drink that is proven to improve mood, motivation, and metabolism.

This drink went viral–finally we had a truly clean “energy” drink, pre-workout… something that tasted great and provided truly tangible benefits. People were noticing more energy, more mental clarity, more patience with their kids! They were even losing weight and actually wanting to eat better and get more exercise. Some reported their blood sugar levels stabilizing… it seemed miraculous!


Happy Juice is Born

The origin story of Happy Juice is actually kind of fun.

The gut-brain axis healing protocol was helping thousands of people… but Edge tasted amazing, and people loved the Energy drink too, because it was clean, tasted great and was replacing coffee or store-bought drinks with better results.

Current customers took matters into their own hands, and started mixing everything up, and Happy Juice was born.

Happy Juice is actually the combination of 3 stand-alone products: Mentabiotics (root cause healing for the gut-brain axis), Edge (mood, motivation & metabolism) and Energy+ (energy, focus, mental clarity, hydration).

Customers found when they combined these three things, they discovered

something that not only helped them heal naturally, but made them feel good now. They dubbed it Happy Juice (customers did; not the company itself) which is so cool–so grassroots!

The company that makes these three products realized what had happened and took their lead, creating a discounted pack with these 3 products so people could get their own Happy Juice easily and affordably.

Cool story, huh?

So now that we know the back-story, let’s look at the claims and what the research says.


Questions? Text HAPPY to ‪(802) 227-7051‬


It’s delicious, it’s hydrating, it’s 100% natural.

It’s healing from the root, and feeling great NOW, all wrapped into one beautiful drink.
Happy juice is proven (in research documented on the website) to:
  • Decrease irritability by 60%
  • 55% decrease in anxiousness
  • 49% reduction in overall distress
  • 70% increase in good bacteria
  • 211% increase in positive mood
  • 105% decrease in negative mood.
If you need help with focus, mood, patience with your kids, all day sustained energy, mental clarity (bye bye brain fog!) and digestion (some people even lose weight because it balances digestion and helps to balance hormones!)
It’s a drink designed to help the gut heal, and assist with mood, focus, concentration, energy, hormone support and immune support.
Sounds too good to be true, right? But worth trying, since the company offers a 90 day money-back guarantee.
That’s 3 months to see if it works for you, with no risk. 
Questions? Text HAPPY to ‪(802) 227-7051‬

Try it

So what do you think? Would you want to try a delicious drink that not only helps your body to balance and heal from the root, but that has proven, researched benefits and could help you kick that coffee or store-bought energy drink habit?
Happy Juice is delicious, hydrating, natural, clean and healthy–and it costs less than most store-bought energy drinks and coffee shop coffee-drinks.
Isn’t it time to take care of yourself?
Isn’t it time to heal?
Happy Juice is the combination of 3 products, and with the flavor options available, there is a lot of variety to choose from:

When you use the links above, you get $10 off your order AND when you choose the Grape or Watermelon varieties, you also get an ADDITIONAL Watermelon Edge for FREE, through the end of March! (You can see these discounts and freebies included in the cart links above).

If you’d rather build your cart yourself, see the links below and use coupon codes 39519 ($10 off) and HAPPYEDGE (for the free additional 30 day container of Watermelon Edge)

And remember, they offer a full 90 day guarantee for everything on their site–so it’s risk free. If you don’t like it for any reason,  just return it within 90 days for 100% money back!
Questions? Text HAPPY to ‪(802) 227-7051‬

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Questions? Text HAPPY to ‪(802) 227-7051‬

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