Ready to Eliminate Parasites!? Beginner’s Guide: Exactly What to Do (Step by Step)

If you have been looking into parasites you know that they are probably causing the physical and mental health issues you are experiencing.

You may be ready to address parasites in your life and heal, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed–there is so much information, some of it contradictory, and it’s hard to know exactly what to do, how, when, and in what amounts.


If it’s your first time doing a parasite cleanse, you may be intimidated, scared or overwhelmed.

Don’t be afraid! It’s very simple and straightforward and soon you will be a pro and as your symptoms improve you will gain confidence. You may even be able to help others start their own healing journeys. (I’d love for you to invite people here when they are ready to get started).

When we start something new it can be scary, but all you have to do is take the first step, then the next step and then the next. Before long you are further down the path than you could have imagined!

Are you ready? Take a deep breath, and let’s go!

Gathering Supplies

Before you can begin, you need to get all of your supplies.

Below is listed exactly what you need to buy for the 3 steps (for an explanation of the 3 steps and why all 3 are crucial, read this).

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Step 1 is vital: you must prep your body and open your detox pathways BEFORE you start killing parasites. If you don’t, you will likely get sick from die off reactions because the toxins and parasites cannot leave your body fast enough.

Trust me: don’t skip Step 1. 

Step 1 is a 3 day “gut reBoot” that consists of encapsulated herbs and a restricted diet for 3 days. This reboot is remarkably effective at opening your detox pathways, sealing leaks in the gut and supporting your liver and kidneys in just 3 days. Make sure you do it right (including the restricted diet!) for best results. Detailed instructions and a schedule for taking the encapsulated herbs is inside of the package.

BONUS: Step 1 comes FREE with your first order of step 3, so see where you can get them together below. I’ll even throw in an additional $10 off when you order through the link I post here.

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Step 2

Step 2 is the anti-parasitics. There are many to choose from, but for your first cleanse, these are the ones you will get:

<– Click to order these on Amazon for Step 2

Additionally you will need binders. Binders are what will prevent ill symptoms like headache, nausea, etc. You can take binders throughout the day and before bed at night. If you feel symptoms coming on, take your binders! Binders will be your best friend.

The binders i recommend for your first cleanse are:

Either of these can alternatively be purchased in powder form and added to any liquid if you prefer that. (Mix and match your own items here).

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Step 3

All 3 steps are important but if I had to pick the MOST important step, it’s step 3.

Why? Because if you do step 3 long enough it can accomplish the other 2 steps on its own just by balancing and healing your body from the root. But we all want to heal as quickly and easily as we can, right? So let’s do all 3 steps.

Step 3 is vital because you’ve just done all of this hard work to eliminate parasites, and if you skip step 3 they can grow right back

Why? Because you never addressed the reason they were there to begin with! You have to HEAL from the root and change the environment of your body so you are not a good host for parasites. This will strengthen your immune system and make your body inhospitable to parasites–preventing future attack. Who doesn’t want that?

If you know what’s good for you, do NOT skip step 3. 

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Doing Your First Parasite Cleanse: Step by Step

Okay, now that you’ve ordered all your supplies, you are almost ready to begin!

  1. Once you receive everything in the mail, lay it all out by step, so you can easily see what you are going to do.
  2. Next, open up the package for the reBoot and look through the instructions and schedule.
  3. Then, calculate the day you need to start step 1 (Look up the next full moon; you will start step 1 exactly 6 days before that). Write this date down and make sure you have groceries and a plan ready to start the reBoot on that day.
  4. Empty your bottle of castor oil capsules into a ziploc bag and spread them out into a thin layer, then place them in the back of your freezer. You will need about a week for them to freeze solid, so ensure you receive them at least a week before the upcoming full moon.
  5. When the day to start the reBoot comes, make sure you follow the reBoot diet all 3 days and take the encapsulated herbs on the schedule provided. Avoid the foods on the “avoid” list for these 3 days as best you can–the better you follow the reBoot approved diet, the better results you should get.
  6. Once you have completed the 3 day reBoot, wake up on the 4th day and take 3-4 frozen castor oil capsules about an hour before you eat any food. Only drink enough water to get the capsules fully down (too much water can melt them too fast before they get where they are going).
  7. At night before bed, put 1/2 teaspoon of diatomaceous earth in a large glass of water. Stir and drink the entire glass.
  8. Throughout each day of the cleanse take chlorella 3-4 times.
  9. Snack on the pumpkin seeds throughout the day during your cleanse.
  10. At night just before sleeping, take one serving of activated charcoal. Additionally, if you start to feel any negative symptoms during the day, take another serving of activated charcoal and you should feel better. (Activated charcoal is a powerful binder, so if you are taking any pharmaceutical meds, separate those from activated charcoal by at least 2 hours).
  11. Continue the frozen castor oil cleanse for 7 days straight. This should center on the full moon (starting 3 days before through 3 days after that day).
  12. After you have completed the 7 days of step 2, begin step 3 by taking one purple capsule of GBX fit before eating, 2 capsules of Restore with your first meal, and 2 capsules of GBX Burn with your biggest meal of the day. I recommend continuing step 3 for 3 months.

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Congratulations! You’ve completed your first parasite cleanse! I’d love to hear about your results. Please come post all of your results in the group The Truth About Parasites: How We Heal, from symptom improvements to pictures of anything you’ve passed during the cleanse.

Now What?

After 3 months, it’s a good time to do another parasite cleanse. This time you can use different anti-parasitics, and rotate, mix and match anti-parasitics every time from now on, doing 3-4 cleanses per year to maintain your results and your health.

Read this article for a list of other anti-parasitics you can use, with links of where to get them (most of them are on Amazon, and how to use each one.

If you’d like to see the results others have gotten or just need support, please join the group here, where we learn and heal together. 

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What Are the 3 Steps and Why Do I Need Them?

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3 Step Full Moon Parasite Cleanse Protocol 

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10 Replies to “Ready to Eliminate Parasites!? Beginner’s Guide: Exactly What to Do (Step by Step)”

    1. Hi Laura, thank you for your comment and i’m so sorry to hear you are suffering with such a debilitating condition. I cannot make any curative claims but I have seen a lot of evidence that parasites are connected with this disease, and in my opinion I think doing parasite cleanses can only help, and may help your body to become stronger and better able to fight for itself.

      That being said with a systemic condition like that I would begin slowly and gently to avoid or mitigate adverse die off symptoms and effects. The first cleanse I recommend would be the frozen castor oil cleanse outlined in this article because it is effective but also very gentle.

      If you would like to discuss your situation I would be happy to walk you through and provide support as you go. Please feel free to text me at my google voice number or join the parasite group and message me on facebook. I am very hopeful that this approach would make a difference for you and I can’t wait to see where it takes you.

  1. Hi thanks for this info, I found you on a podcast. I’ve been parasite cleansing for 7 months now (using cellcore and a homeopathic para chord product), 3 weeks on 1 week off. I still see parasites! I’ve seen all kinds but pinworms seem to be the worst. They’re even in my menstrual fluid!!! My family is also parasite cleansing and see them in their stool but they seem to be causing me the most symptoms (weight gain, infertility, miscarriage, brain fog, fatigue, cavities, etc).

    I’m wondering at what point will I move to maintenance cleansing? Will we always see parasites every cleanse? Is there anything I can do to expedite their removal? (Biomagnetism, emotional work, ozone therapy, etc.)


    1. Hi! Thank you for sharing that–wow–it sounds like you’ve been through a lot! i’d love to hear more about the journey you’ve been through and how your symptoms have improved over your period of cleansing, as well as how happy you’ve been with the products you’ve used. if you ever want to chat about that, please feel free to reach out to my google voice number via text (802) 227-7051‬

      I do think it’s a good idea to not do the same thing for too long, as parasites can adapt to that. Personally I usually just do the targeted cleansing over the full moon periods (when it’s most effective)… sort of hit them hard and fast, and do gut healing for replenishment and maintenance throughout the month, then repeat the next month during the full moon, usually with a different combination of antiparasitics. It’s up to you when you think you are ready to move to a strictly maintenance schedule, which i would consider to be 2-4 parasite cleanses per year, with gut health maintenance in between.

      the products i use for step 3 (maintenance/replenishment) work to make the body inhospitable for parasites and strengthen the immune system, so very often people do continue to pass parasites while in healing mode during the step 3 phase. it sounds like you are still passing parasites.. though it’s possible you may have hit sort of a holding pattern where you are still eliminating them but haven’t quite gotten to the place where you are strong enough to keep them from growing back, so you have to keep killing them. the purpose of step 3 is to take you to that next level so you don’t have to keep cleansing forever if that makes sense.

      Again, i’m so glad you are healing, and i’m happy to discuss this in more detail with you if you’d like to talk via text! Thank you for commenting 🙂

    1. hi! thank you for your comment! unfortunately i do not speak spanish fluently, but perhaps you can use google translate? i wish i could help more! Maybe i can look into translating my posts in the future!

  2. How expensive is this? I’ve been sick with immune issues for a few years but also have Hashimotos and need to find my root cause . I’d like to start here but I’m on a fixed retirement too , it may be worth it but you can’t change income amd necessities are not an option . Please give me a figure . I’ve talked to ppl who say all they do is take diametacious earth daily , is that enough that eventually you kill adults and eggs ?

    1. hi, thank you for your question. There are a few different options, and sometimes the companies that provide the supplies have sales. For example as i write this, the company that makes step 1 & step 3 is having a site-wide 20% off sale, and the discount is included in the links in the post, so that may be helpful to you if you want to move forward today.

      I do like diatoomaceous earth as well, and i often add it to my step 2 as an antiparasitic. it is a good idea to incorporate multiple things to ensure you address different types of parasites in different parts of the body, and to not always do the same thing, because parasites can be very adaptable, so we have to keep them guessing. If you’d like to chat more about the specifics, please feel free to reach out to me via text at my google voice number: ‪(802) 227-7051‬

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