Detox, Parasites and Our Kids: What to Do

Digestive complaints

Sleep issues


Teeth grinding

Behavioral delays

Mood and Anger issues




Itchy at night

Frequent illness        

Food Sensitivities and Intolerance


Non-verbal or delayed speech

These are just a few of the most common symptoms of parasites.
Have you suffered from any of these?

Have your kids?

We would do anything for our kids. So when they have unexplained health problems and a doctor can’t fix them, we feel helpless.  What do we do?

We’ve been learning about how we all have parasites.. but you may not realize that our kids have them too, and there is a lot we can (and should) do about it. People have been pro-active about parasites for as long as humans have lived, and that includes keeping their kids parasite-free!Recap: Parasites and Our Health

We’ve discussed how parasites are the root of virtually all the problems we have, and a 3 step protocol to address them. There is even a step-by-step guide to walk you through your very first parasite cleanse! (And this group for support and guidance as you go!)

But what can we do about our kids? It’s a good idea for everyone in the house to cleanse at once, but can kids do the same cleanse as an adult? And what if they can’t swallow capsules yet?

How Do Kids Get Parasites?

As we’ve discussed, there are a lot of ways we are exposed to parasites: in fact, it is inevitable. We can get parasites from food (any food-even fruits and veggies), water, dirt, pets, and other people. Parents can even pass parasites to kids at birth, and family members and pets can pass them to each other!

So now that we’ve established that all people (and pets), even kids, have parasites, and that they are causing most if not all of our health issues… what do we do about it??

Kids are Resilient

Generally speaking, children’s bodies respond more quickly and efficiently to anything we do than adult bodies do. (The younger they are, the faster they respond, it seems).

For this reason I don’t generally recommend strong anti-parasitic herbs or meds for very young children because I don’t find it’s usually necessary.

Since young children do sometimes have parasites and we do need to do something… what do we do?

Getting to the Root

As explained in the article about the 3 steps and why they are important, it’s always a little more complicated than just taking an anti-parasitic and being done forever.

Whether for adults or children, killing parasites is great, but let’s rewind and think about why the parasites were able to live there in the first place.

We all have an inner balance of good and bad bacteria that contribute (more than we realize) to our overall health. This balance is either in our favor or it’s not–either we have an abundance of “good” microbes that benefit us, or we have an over-abundance of “bad” microbes and parasites that steal our nutrients and poison us from within.

If we have an imbalance of good to bad, we will have troubling symptoms, poor health, and will not feel our best. This goes for children just as much as it goes for adults.

We have to change the environment of our bodies that is allowing parasites to thrive… and the only way to do that is to change that balance and make ourselves “bad hosts” to parasites. (Which means our bodies are strong and our immune systems can fight off anything that we are exposed to.)

Where do children get their gut microbiome? Initially, it’s all from their parents–and we can pass not only good & bad bacteria to our kids, but we can also pass along things like heavy metals, mold, and parasites.

When we realize that many of our problems stem from these parasites in our bodies and that we can pass these to our kids, it puts a little different perspective on “genetic” illnesses that “run in the family” doesn’t it?

I’m not saying genetics don’t have anything to do with it, because of course they do… but we all have damaged genes in one way or another, so why are some people ill and some people are healthy throughout their lives?

That all comes down to epigenetics… basically which genetic expression do we turn ON and which do we turn OFF?

THAT is up to us… and it’s based on the choices we make in this life: what we eat, what we do, what toxins we expose ourselves to, how we detox, and how we balance ourselves and fight parasites.

It’s always possible to heal, but the sooner in life we do that the better–so get your kids on this path now!

So what do I recommend?

For most kids under 10, I’d recommend just root cause healing: half of the step 1 reboot and the kids step 3. Because they respond so much more quickly than we do, for most kids this will be enough to push out any parasites they are dealing with and rebalance their bodies going forward so they are less susceptible to them in the future, even when exposed.

This is the best way because it strengthens our bodies, balances our microbiomes, and makes our immune systems a fortress that is not easy for pathogens to penetrate.

And it works! Here are some stories that prove it. 

Got Questions? Text KIDS to ‪(802) 227-7051‬

Step 1 is very gentle, but for kids under 10 I recommend giving them half the recommended dose (one capsule at each time designated on the schedule in the package). The capsules can be opened and put into a drink or food if the child doesn’t swallow capsules. For children over 10, a full step 1 reboot is great (2 capsules at each time designated). If the child is particularly small or large for the age, you can make a decision of whether to give half or a whole step 1 reboot (save the other half for next time, or you can split one step 1 reboot between 2 kids). Regardless, the herbs are safe for all ages, and even for pregnancy and breastfeeding. See the ingredients here (scroll down).

If you want to get the 2-step kids protocol, I’ve put it here in a cart and included $10 off: Click here.

Got Questions? Text KIDS to ‪(802) 227-7051‬

Is it Safe for Kids?

When I am concerned with the safety of a food, herb or remedy the first thing I do is look at how it has been used traditionally.

For example, castor oil has been given to kids 1-2 times a year traditionally to ward off parasites. Other foods like pumpkin seeds, oregano, clove, and black walnuts are also great because they are food we eat anyway and can help ward off the critters.

The kids step 3 has been specifically formulated for kids so you can rest assured that all ingredients are thoroughly researched and known as safe for kids: and they are all made from actual food ingredients as well.

Got Questions? Text KIDS to ‪(802) 227-7051‬

What About Moms Who are Pregnant or Breastfeeding? 

I am constantly asked what moms can do if they are pregnant or breastfeeding but want to start healing without endangering their babies. Most think they just have to wait until they are past this season of life… but it’s not true! There are things you can safely do now to start healing which are very effective and safe for both pregnancy and breastfeeding. Not only that–it may actually help your baby to heal indirectly!

My friend Aleesha came to me recently because she was suffering. She has been diagnosed with lyme and has debilitating symptoms like pain, inflammation, brain fog and low energy she deals with every day as a result. Since she is currently breastfeeding her son, I advised she do just Step 1 & Step 3 of the 3 step protocol, because step 2 is what actively targets the parasites and can cause some die off toxins to enter the bloodstream, which she didn’t want to expose her son to.

She started feeling a difference just in the first 2 days of this protocol, and now she’s on her 3rd month of root cause healing and she has been feeling so good she no longer needs to take the daily homeopathics she was using to give her relief from her symptoms! She actually forgets to take them because she’s feeling so good!

Is There Anyone Who Should NOT Do a Parasite Cleanse? 

Since we know we all have parasites and they might be causing all of our problems, I believe everyone should be addressing parasites in some way. There are, however, circumstances and seasons of life when you want to be careful. As in the above examples, when a child is very young, or a mom is pregnant or breastfeeding, I don’t recommend doing step 2, but step 1 and 3 can be done safely.

The only other situation when I would advise caution is with someone who is in such a precarious health situation that almost anything could set them off (close to kidney failure or with stage 4 cancer, for examples). If you think you fit this category, please reach out to me via text and I can discuss your situation and may be able to provide insight and suggestions. Watch this video for more of my thoughts on this topic. 

To discuss your situation or ask questions, text me at ‪(802) 227-7051‬

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Get the Kids Crush Parasites Pack with a discount!

Why Should I be Worried About Parasites?

The 3 Steps to a Comprehensive, Sustainable, Healing Cleanse

Step-by-Step Guide to Your Very First Cleanse (gentle & effective!)

Facebook group where we learn & heal together–request to join!

Step 1 Reboot ingredients

Kids Step 3 Ingredients

Real Stories of Kids Healing



Ready to Eliminate Parasites!? Beginner’s Guide: Exactly What to Do (Step by Step)

If you have been looking into parasites you know that they are probably causing the physical and mental health issues you are experiencing.

You may be ready to address parasites in your life and heal, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed–there is so much information, some of it contradictory, and it’s hard to know exactly what to do, how, when, and in what amounts.


If it’s your first time doing a parasite cleanse, you may be intimidated, scared or overwhelmed.

Don’t be afraid! It’s very simple and straightforward and soon you will be a pro and as your symptoms improve you will gain confidence. You may even be able to help others start their own healing journeys. (I’d love for you to invite people here when they are ready to get started).

When we start something new it can be scary, but all you have to do is take the first step, then the next step and then the next. Before long you are further down the path than you could have imagined!

Are you ready? Take a deep breath, and let’s go!

Gathering Supplies

Before you can begin, you need to get all of your supplies.

Below is listed exactly what you need to buy for the 3 steps (for an explanation of the 3 steps and why all 3 are crucial, read this).

Got questions or need community? Join the group! 


Step 1 is vital: you must prep your body and open your detox pathways BEFORE you start killing parasites. If you don’t, you will likely get sick from die off reactions because the toxins and parasites cannot leave your body fast enough.

Trust me: don’t skip Step 1. 

Step 1 is a 3 day “gut reBoot” that consists of encapsulated herbs and a restricted diet for 3 days. This reboot is remarkably effective at opening your detox pathways, sealing leaks in the gut and supporting your liver and kidneys in just 3 days. Make sure you do it right (including the restricted diet!) for best results. Detailed instructions and a schedule for taking the encapsulated herbs is inside of the package.

BONUS: Step 1 comes FREE with your first order of step 3, so see where you can get them together below. I’ll even throw in an additional $10 off when you order through the link I post here.

Got questions or need community? Join the group! 

Scroll down to see step-by-step instructions

Step 2

Step 2 is the anti-parasitics. There are many to choose from, but for your first cleanse, these are the ones you will get:

<– Click to order these on Amazon for Step 2

Additionally you will need binders. Binders are what will prevent ill symptoms like headache, nausea, etc. You can take binders throughout the day and before bed at night. If you feel symptoms coming on, take your binders! Binders will be your best friend.

The binders i recommend for your first cleanse are:

Get everything you need for step 2 at once here on amazon.

Either of these can alternatively be purchased in powder form and added to any liquid if you prefer that. (Mix and match your own items here).

Got questions or need community? Join the group! 

Scroll down to see step-by-step instructions

Step 3

All 3 steps are important but if I had to pick the MOST important step, it’s step 3.

Why? Because if you do step 3 long enough it can accomplish the other 2 steps on its own just by balancing and healing your body from the root. But we all want to heal as quickly and easily as we can, right? So let’s do all 3 steps.

Step 3 is vital because you’ve just done all of this hard work to eliminate parasites, and if you skip step 3 they can grow right back

Why? Because you never addressed the reason they were there to begin with! You have to HEAL from the root and change the environment of your body so you are not a good host for parasites. This will strengthen your immune system and make your body inhospitable to parasites–preventing future attack. Who doesn’t want that?

If you know what’s good for you, do NOT skip step 3. 

Get Step 1 & 3 together here, and get an additional $10 off coupon!

Got questions or need community? Join the group! 

Scroll down to see step-by-step instructions

Doing Your First Parasite Cleanse: Step by Step

Okay, now that you’ve ordered all your supplies, you are almost ready to begin!

  1. Once you receive everything in the mail, lay it all out by step, so you can easily see what you are going to do.
  2. Next, open up the package for the reBoot and look through the instructions and schedule.
  3. Then, calculate the day you need to start step 1 (Look up the next full moon; you will start step 1 exactly 6 days before that). Write this date down and make sure you have groceries and a plan ready to start the reBoot on that day.
  4. Empty your bottle of castor oil capsules into a ziploc bag and spread them out into a thin layer, then place them in the back of your freezer. You will need about a week for them to freeze solid, so ensure you receive them at least a week before the upcoming full moon.
  5. When the day to start the reBoot comes, make sure you follow the reBoot diet all 3 days and take the encapsulated herbs on the schedule provided. Avoid the foods on the “avoid” list for these 3 days as best you can–the better you follow the reBoot approved diet, the better results you should get.
  6. Once you have completed the 3 day reBoot, wake up on the 4th day and take 3-4 frozen castor oil capsules about an hour before you eat any food. Only drink enough water to get the capsules fully down (too much water can melt them too fast before they get where they are going).
  7. At night before bed, put 1/2 teaspoon of diatomaceous earth in a large glass of water. Stir and drink the entire glass.
  8. Throughout each day of the cleanse take chlorella 3-4 times.
  9. Snack on the pumpkin seeds throughout the day during your cleanse.
  10. At night just before sleeping, take one serving of activated charcoal. Additionally, if you start to feel any negative symptoms during the day, take another serving of activated charcoal and you should feel better. (Activated charcoal is a powerful binder, so if you are taking any pharmaceutical meds, separate those from activated charcoal by at least 2 hours).
  11. Continue the frozen castor oil cleanse for 7 days straight. This should center on the full moon (starting 3 days before through 3 days after that day).
  12. After you have completed the 7 days of step 2, begin step 3 by taking one purple capsule of GBX fit before eating, 2 capsules of Restore with your first meal, and 2 capsules of GBX Burn with your biggest meal of the day. I recommend continuing step 3 for 3 months.

Got questions or need community? Join the group! 

Congratulations! You’ve completed your first parasite cleanse! I’d love to hear about your results. Please come post all of your results in the group The Truth About Parasites: How We Heal, from symptom improvements to pictures of anything you’ve passed during the cleanse.

Now What?

After 3 months, it’s a good time to do another parasite cleanse. This time you can use different anti-parasitics, and rotate, mix and match anti-parasitics every time from now on, doing 3-4 cleanses per year to maintain your results and your health.

Read this article for a list of other anti-parasitics you can use, with links of where to get them (most of them are on Amazon, and how to use each one.

If you’d like to see the results others have gotten or just need support, please join the group here, where we learn and heal together. 

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Many of the product links in this post are affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission from any purchase. I only recommend products that I love and this is at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting our mission with your clicks!


What Are the 3 Steps and Why Do I Need Them?

Get Step 1 + Step 3 Here with $10 off Included

Get Your Step 2 Items on Amazon (also listed individually above)

Got questions or need community? Join the group! 

3 Step Full Moon Parasite Cleanse Protocol 

Find my TikTok Channel: The Truth About Parasites: Here 

Find My YouTube Channel Here 

Learn, See Others’ Results, and Heal Together!

Do I Have a Parasite? 3 Steps to Flush Them for GOOD

If you have any unexplained health problems, you may have considered (or been told by a doctor) that a parasite could be to blame.

Indeed, after much research I have come to conclude that parasites are probably at the root of most (if not all) of the health problems we deal with.


If you live in America, or any other first world country, you may scoff at this idea.

Many people think, “I don’t have a parasite. I am clean and I live in America.”

Not so fast.

It is well-established that everyone is exposed to parasites. Many people think that traveling out of the country is the only way to get them, but parasites know no borders.

We can’t live in denial. We all have them.

No matter how clean you are, and no matter how good your diet is… we are all exposed to parasites in many facets of our lives.

We can get parasites from:

  • Food (especially anything raw or undercooked, but even well-cooked food can expose us!)
  • Water (water treatment can’t get them all)
  • Walking around barefoot or touching dirt
  • Proximity to or contact with pets or other animals
  • Intimate contact with other people
  • Insect bites
  • Touching everyday surfaces
  • Even in the air we breathe!

Of course we should all take appropriate precautions to avoid exposure as much as we can.

Cooking food well, avoiding foods that are notorious for parasites, washing our hands and drinking high quality filtered water are things we should all be doing.

However we also have to face the fact that EVERYONE has parasites.

The sooner we accept that as fact and do something about it, the better.


And there are many things we can do.

The Reality

If you have any health issues at all, I urge you to consider the fact that the health of our gut and its communication with the brain is the root of everything… (I talk more about that here). 

…and that when the gut micro-biome is imbalanced, it opens the doors to parasites: including pathogens, bacteria, intestinal worms, mold, and other overgrowths that cause many symptoms. 

This can lead to “holes” or permeability in our gut lining (sometimes called “leaky gut“) which can then cause autoimmune issues, chronic illness, unexplained health problems, food allergies and sensitivity, brain fog and even mental illness and intrusive thoughts.

Doctors may or may not have answers. Tests may or may not come back conclusive for a disorder or diagnosis.

Regardless, parasites are almost inevitably the root of your issues.

That may sound scary, but the good news is: there are a lot of easy, effective, inexpensive natural things we can do about it.

I host a group on Facebook where we do monthly parasite cleanses together. If you want to join in or just learn more, please join us or follow along here.

I have put together a simple 3-step protocol to eliminate parasites and heal, for GOOD.

My 3 Step Full Moon Protocol

(Read below for the reasons why I always do parasite cleanses during the full moon)

Step 1: Clear detox pathways (liver, kidneys, gut)

A parasite cleanse is a big detox. When you do this your body will push out waste, toxins, mucus and parasites. You want this process to be as quick and efficient as possible.

If your liver or kidneys are clogged, things may get backed up and this can make the process very unpleasant for you (anything from a headache to nausea to flu-like symptoms)

Opening your detox pathways is so important before any detox, but especially before a parasite cleanse. Please don’t skip this step. You will thank yourself later for taking the time and effort.

The 3-day gut reboot I recommend for step 1 is gentle, effective, affordable and only 3 days! You do NOT want to skip step 1!

Step 2: The Parasite Cleanse

This is the fun part: targeting and eliminating parasites. The full moon is the best time to do this (see below why) so you have an opportunity every month. I do one  about once a quarter.

I have put together an amazon store of all the anti-parasitic ingredients I have used in my parasite cleanses. I have also been doing a series on each ingredient, what it is, what it does and how I use it. This series can be found in my group The Truth About Parasites: How We Heal (click to join the group!) and on my TikTok and YouTube channels.

Step 3: Maintain (IMPORTANT)

You may think, ok great, once they’re gone they’re gone, right? One & done–I’m set for life!

Not quite.

Remember I mentioned we are constantly exposed to parasites? And that they lay eggs?

There are many types of parasites. So the anti-parasitic you use for your parasite this cleanse may not get all of them (or all of the types of them) that you need to address.

This brings us to the most important part: maintenance.

Maintenance may seem like not a big deal, but it’s everything.

We don’t want all the hard work we’ve done eliminating parasites to go to waste… and if we don’t maintain, they will grow back even faster than we can kill them.

So what is maintenance? 

It’s changing the entire ecosystem of your body…

…and that begins in the gut microbiome.

By changing the ecosystem of your body (beginning with the health and balance of your gut) you can make your body inhospitable to parasites. That means they can’t easily live or thrive inside of your body… and that is the goal.

How do I change my body’s ecosystem?

This isn’t just one thing: we have to be pro-active with our health. Diet is foundational, so eating as many whole, organic, unprocessed foods as possible and as few sugars, processed foods, junk foods and CAFO meats as possible is one of the best ways to keep parasites from thriving in your body’s ecosystem and promote good overall health for life.

Moving your body regularly increases blood flow and assists with detoxification.  I’m not talking about hard, strenuous exercises in the gym for hours every day. Just move your body! Go outside and take a walk, go on a bike ride around the neighborhood, or do a quick 10 minute exercise inside. Any movement counts, and…

Something is always better than nothing!

In this day and age, with all of the contaminants in our food and depletion of our soils, unfortunately diet can’t be enough for most of us to maintain optimal health and keep the parasites away for good.

My Step 3 Maintenance Protocol helps people easily and effectively maintain a good microbiome balance so we can fight  off parasites, pathogens and bacteria that would harm us in any form–and it keeps me from getting sick throughout the year too because our gut microbiome is at least 90% of our immune system!

I appreciate the company that created the Step 1 and Step 3 because they offer a money-back guarantee for a full year. That’s confidence, and it tells me these products work for pretty much everyone. But if they don’t, you can just return them (all of them). For a full year!

Oh, and when you order the Step 3 protocol for the first time they also send you Step 1 for free!

Give your body all the tools it needs to fight off anything that comes your way, from pathogens to viruses to bacteria to parasites. You’ll thank yourself later. 

If it’s your first time doing a parasite cleanse, click here for step-by-step instructions so you know exactly what to do! ‬

You may have one more question…

Why the Full Moon?

I only do parasite cleanses over the full moon. Why? Because that’s when it’s most effective. If I’m going to go to the effort to do a cleanse I want it to be as thorough and effective as possible.

Parasites have hormones that prompt them to migrate from wherever in our bodies they are to the intestinal tract during the full moon (this is also triggered by our internal levels of serotonin and melatonin during the full moon time). While they are there they lay eggs.

There are several reasons cleansing during the full moon is most effective:

  1. They are all in one spot: the intestinal tract. So anything we take will hit them directly (during other times of the month they could be almost anywhere in our bodies).
  2. They are more vulnerable because they have focused their efforts on procreating and laying eggs, not hiding themselves and avoiding detection or efforts to eliminate them.
  3. If I start before the full moon, I can potentially flush them out before they lay their eggs–so I don’t have to worry about as many babies later. 

The good news is we have a full moon every month–so every month we have an opportunity to cleanse!

Does that mean we cleanse every month? Probably not. But if we know this and keep it in mind we can be aware of how parasites are affecting our physical and mental health during the full moon and we can eat snacks and take supplements that keep them at bay.

If it’s your first time doing a parasite cleanse, click here for step-by-step instructions so you know exactly what to do! ‬

Here is a quick list of parasite cleanse ingredients (find them in this amazon store) I use regularly. I will link them to explanations I have done on why and how I use them:

A Note About TikTok….

Are you on TikTok®? Recently I’ve been having a great time on the “education side” of TikTok, and i read recently that TikTok® has surpassed Google® as a search engine! Can you believe it?

That said, Tiktok® has it’s drawbacks and dangers as with any media platform, but I have learned a lot on TikTok® and it’s quickly becoming my favorite educational platform!

I have been sharing knowledge, tips and resources about how to heal naturally with a parasite cleanse on TikTok lately on my channel @thetruthaboutparasites so I’d love to see you if you are inclined!

If it’s your first time doing a parasite cleanse, click here for step-by-step instructions so you know exactly what to do! ‬

New to Freedom & Coffee? Start here.


Many of the product links in this post are affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission from any purchase. I only recommend products that I love and this is at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting our mission with your clicks!

More Resources

The Gut Microbiome (& axis with brain) is the Root of Our Health

Check out the Group Parasite Cleanses or Join in Here

3 Step Full Moon Parasite Cleanse Protocol 

Step 1: The Gut Reboot (Sent Free with Step 3)

Step 2: The Parasite Cleanse (Amazon store) 

Step 3: Maintain to Keep Them Away (includes Step 1 FREE)

Find my TikTok Channel: The Truth About Parasites: Here 

Find My YouTube Channel Here 

If it’s your first time doing a parasite cleanse, click here for step-by-step instructions so you know exactly what to do! ‬


Hormone Hassles: How to Address the Elusive Symptoms Your Doctor Can’t Fix

Have you ever felt that something just “isn’t right?”

Have you gone to the doctor and told them your symptoms…maybe they ran some tests and told you nothing was wrong?

…or worse, prescribed an antidepressant!?

This story is all too common, and it makes me really angry that anyone is treated this way.

We feel minimized, condescended to, gaslit.

We wouldn’t be seeing a doctor if something wasn’t really wrong! But they tell us it’s in our head… because they don’t know what’s wrong with us either.

Fortunately there are ways to narrow down the source of our problems… and sometimes we don’t need a diagnosis to address an issue.

Our bodies were made to heal.

In fact, pharmaceuticals don’t heal at all.. we all know that. They cover up symptoms until our bodies heal themselves. Until one day the meds wear off and our bodies aren’t healed at all. What do we do then?

As we age and go through different phases of life, our hormone production decreases, leading to imbalances and ambiguous symptoms without any clear cause or diagnosis.

Navigating health issues can feel like we’re walking blind.

What are hormones?

Hormones are your body’s chemical messengers. They travel in your bloodstream to tissues or organs. They work slowly, over time, and affect many different processes, including growth and development in children and teenagers¹.

Additionally, hormones play a huge role in our bodies’ normal functioning. They control heart rate, sleep cycles, sexual function, and reproduction. Metabolism, appetite, mood, stress, and body temperatures are all affected by hormones².

Hormones are integral in so many of your body systems and they regulate much of what your body does. Hormones regulate growth, sex drive, sexual development, reproduction, sexual function, metabolism, and thirst among other things. They let the body know what to do so it will run smoothly³.

How Do I know if My Hormones are Imbalanced?

Since hormones control so many of the body’s functions, it can be difficult to pinpoint what kind of imbalance you have… but a shocking 80% or more of women (and as many as 40% of men) suffer from a hormonal imbalance

Given how critical hormones are to every function of our bodies, hormonal imbalance can affect our lives a lot!

Text “Hormone Help” to ‪(802) 227-7051‬ to discuss your situation and for recommendations! 

Hormones control the body’s systems including:

  • Metabolism
  • Homeostasis (internal balance)
  • Growth/development
  • Sexual function
  • Reproduction
  • Sleep/wake cycle
  • Mood
No need to self-medicate. There is a solution! Heal from the root.

There are many symptoms of hormone imbalance, including (but not limited to): 

As you can see, hormones affect everything. So it’s likely if you have unexplained symptoms or anything related to items on the list above, you could benefit from balancing your hormones.

Text “Hormone Help” to ‪(802) 227-7051‬ to discuss your situation and for recommendations! 

How Did This Happen??

Causes of hormone balance can include:

  • Thyroid issues (hypo or hyper)
  • Gut imbalance
  • Birth control or hormonal replacement
  • Chronic stress
  • Diabetes
  • Poor diet
  • Cushing syndrome
  • Exposure to endocrine disruptors (they are everywhere: from food to body care products to cleaning supplies, water, and the air)

How Do I Balance My Hormones?

Now you can see that hormone imbalance is a likely culprit of the issues you have been experiencing, but what do you do about it?

There are several components to hormone balance, and it’s a good idea to address all of them for healthy hormone balance.

Eat Healthy Fats

Did you know eating (good) fats is really important to hormone health and balance? And eating bad fats is just as detrimental, so the fats we choose are important!

Eliminate any “vegetable oils” from your diet, such as

Canola Oil 
❌ “Vegetable Oil”
❌ Corn Oil
❌ Soy Oil

📝 Basically stay away from any liquid oils in the regular “oil section” of the supermarket (and avoid these oils in other products such as mayonnaise and salad dressing as well).

Real coconut oil is one of the best things you can add to your diet
Good oils to add to your diet include:

Coconut oil
✅ Real butter (Not margarine! Organic and grass-fed whenever possible)
✅ Avocado oil
✅ Olive oil
✅ Tallow and other animal fats

📝 Always choose the “virgin” version of any oil you buy and always look for non-GMO and in the case of animal fats: pasture raised without grains.

Text “Hormone Help” to ‪(802) 227-7051‬ to discuss your situation and for recommendations! 

Use Adaptogens

Adaptogens are used in herbal medicine for the claimed stabilization of physiological processes and promotion of homeostasis.

Adaptogens can be herbs or even foods that promote balance in the body. They adapt to what the body needs and promote healing based on the imbalance, so they don’t work the same way for everyone.

This is why adaptogens are so effective for hormone balance: because there are a million ways for our hormones to become imbalanced, so we need something that is “smart” enough to help our bodies balance in the way we need–which can be as unique as every person.

You may have tried adaptogens but been confused which ones can help you.

The best place to start is with powerful adaptogens that help to balance levels of progesterone, estrogen and testosterone. Both men and women have all three of these hormones, but in different balances.

The best apoptogenic herbal supplement I have found for hormone balance for both men and women is this protocol, which addresses both hormone balance and gut health at the same time (the most effective way to address hormones from both directions).

Text “Hormone Help” to ‪(802) 227-7051‬ to discuss your situation and for recommendations! 

Don’t Forget to Listen to Your Gut!

Gut health is foundational to everything, so I would be remiss to not mention the importance of healing your gut when addressing hormones.

Healing the gut can help to heal and balance hormones as well… but it is a different approach.

The gut microbiome produces many of our hormones, and the gut-brain communication system works to balance and regulate those hormones, especially when we are sleeping.

I have been researching gut health and root cause healing for over a decade, and research points to the gut-brain communication axis as the root of everything… so if you are looking to address the root of multiple issues, including autoimmunity and other unexplained issues, that is a good place to start.

This gut-brain axis healing protocol is fundamental to so many issues, so if you suffer from mental health issues, auto-immune issues or other deep-seated healthy problems, it is definitely worth looking at.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to discuss your specific situation and get recommendations (everything I recommend is risk free and 100% guaranteed, as well as whole food based and science backed.)

Text “Hormone Help” to ‪(802) 227-7051‬ to discuss your situation and for recommendations! 

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Many of the product links in this post are affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission from any purchase. I only recommend products that I love and this is at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting our mission with your clicks!



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Fight Inflation and Lower Your Fuel Cost with One Simple Trick

There’s no denying these are uncertain times.

From disease to job instability to rising costs of everything, so many people are struggling just to survive.

I’ve talked before about how to dodge the instability of the job market and save significantly on taxes by starting a side hustle for an additional stream of income, and how to make that income residual so you can work once and get paid forever….

But what about cutting costs and saving money? That’s important too, and if you know someone who is truly wealthy you may have been surprised to observe how frugal they are.

Because while income is important, limiting expenses is crucial if you plan to survive in these tumultuous times.

Millionaires have on average seven streams of income, and they aren’t afraid to start their own business. They use these diversified streams to take advantage of tax breaks and to have income flowing (from one source or another) no matter what the current economic situation is.

You may not aspire to be a millionaire, but there is a lesson there. Be open to more than just a job with a corporation… because as we’ve seen those are no longer a trustworthy long term plan for anyone.

And prices–of everything–are rising, with no end in sight. 

From housing to food to gas… we’re getting squeezed tighter and tighter.

So building more income is great, but what if you need relief NOW?

How can we cut expenses when we still have to drive to work and activities and the store? When we still have to feed our families and put gas in our cars?

What if you could make one simple change that lowered your fuel costs by up to $100 per month, and worked to clean your car’s innards (so fewer maintenance costs down the road)… for free?

And what if you could build a small, residual stream of income by helping others do the same?

Seems like a no-brainer, right?

One Simple Thing

I used to always get Chevron® gas because of the additive they put in it. In college I took a workshop on taking care of your car and the man teaching the seminar said cars that always used Chevron® gas had the cleanest engines he’d ever seen and always had fewer issues.

I also noticed that my cars always ran better with Chevron® gas, so I figured it was worth it.

But Chevron® is always the most expensive gas in the area.

That could add up to hundreds of dollars in extra expense per year, just by choosing a more expensive gasoline when I fill up!

So then I started to buy just the additive, which they sold for awhile. I could buy the cheaper gas and add that to the tank. But doing this was almost as expensive as just buying Chevron® gas when I filled up!

A Different Solution

Then I found out about a quick, easy, inexpensive solution that could make a BIG difference.

It’s just a tiny tablet that packs a big punch. I don’t have to buy expensive gas or pricey additives that smell like gasoline and weigh a ton. I can carry it anywhere and just pop it into the tank when I get gas.

To be honest, I was very skeptical when I heard about it.

  • What’s it made of?
  • How does it work?
  • Could it harm my car?
  • Does it really make a difference?

But I saw the science (click “about”), and that they’ve been using these tabs in commercial applications for more than a decade with great results for both unleaded and diesel engines.

I had a few friends who were already seeing good results, filling up less, getting better gas mileage, and loving it.

And it’s cheap… so why not try it?

My Results

You are probably wondering what I think so far.

And I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to measure if it was working or not because I don’t have a regular driving schedule, so it’s hard for me to determine if I’m filling up more or less often than “usual” (because I don’t have a “usual.”)

I started playing with the features of my car and I saw that my car tracks average mpg, so I figured that would be a good way for me to measure if it’s making any difference or not. So now every time I drive I check the average mpg and see if it’s changing over time as I use the tabs.

I wasn’t sure how long it would take to see a difference, especially since working from home I don’t drive the same mileage every single day.

But I’ve been watching my average mpg numbers, and it has been going up… consistently.

It started off at 24.3 average mpg, which isn’t terrible. My car gets decent gas mileage in general. And my husband drives pretty hard, so that decreases the average when he drives it.

I just finished my 2nd tank of gas with the tabs, and my average mpg has gone up by 2-3 miles per gallon! It’s been hovering around 26.5, but I’ve seen it reach over 29 mpg!

To me, this shows that it will increase the number of miles I can drive per tank by about 50 miles… and I’ve seen friends say it gets better the longer you use the tabs!

If this “miles to empty” number is accurate (and keeps going up) I could potentially get more than 100 more miles per tank! Guys, that’s a 25% increase in fuel efficiency!?

And it’s not expensive. These tabs are $4-$5 apiece or even less when you get a subscription…

That means I could save up to $20 every fill-up, just by putting a $5 tab in the tank.

…not to mention the engine-cleaning benefits it has, so less maintenance and repair will be required over time.

It doesn’t matter how high (or low) gas prices get, you can always feel good that you are saving money and cutting your costs, while getting better performance and durability out of your vehicle. 

Seems Like a No-Brainer

So if you want to try it for yourself, grab it here for the best price (you can cancel the subscription any time–that’s just a good way to get the best price).

But what’s better than saving money on gas?

Doing it for free… or even getting paid for it.

And for the same price you can get a referral link so you get paid any time you tell someone about it and they buy through your link.

Now I call that a win-win.

What do you have to lose?

Just a chunk of your monthly expenses.

Rev those engines!


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Many of the product links in this post are affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission from any purchase. I only recommend products that I love and this is at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting our mission with your clicks!


What is a Side Hustle? (and Why Everyone Needs One)

If You Understood Residual Income You’d Walk Through a Brick Wall to Get It

Get Better Gas Mileage, Save Money and Clean Your Engine With This

Save Money and GET PAID When You Share the Love! 


I Have a Rock for That: The Beauty and Benefits of Creation

When I say the word “crystals” what do you think?

Some people think “healing.”

Some people think “magic” or “luck.”

Some people think “spirituality” or “meditation.”

…and some think “evil.”


I was pondering this question one day and decided to ask social media.

I’m a Christian and I have a lot of Christians with very strong opinions who follow me, so I knew it would be controversial to say the least.

I expected the backlash I got, but as the insults started flying, I was still shocked that people who call themselves Christians would turn ugly so quickly.

I realized that this is a polarizing issue, and as I’ve researched more into the topic, I’ve begun to wonder why.

As a Christian I believe that God made everything, and He called His creation “good.”

As such, I don’t believe anything in creation that God made is inherently evil… because He said it was “good.”

What do you think? Are crystals “good” or “bad?”

Yet this issue is very controversial, I came to find out. And I understand why, but I was discouraged by the unwillingness of fellow Christians to actually think through the issue and discuss it logically.


It is well known that everything has a frequency.

Not limited to radio, TV or cell phones… every food we eat, every piece of clothing we wear, every object we come into contact with has a frequency. Our bodies have frequencies too… and if the frequencies in our proximity are similar to our body’s frequency, we call them “beneficial” or “healing” frequencies, because they harmonize with our bodies and bring us into balance.

But if we encounter frequencies that are very different from our own, they can cause imbalance and even make us sick. Harmful frequencies like EMF radiation can then be mitigated or neutralized with balancing frequencies from other objects.

Make sense?

Almost everyone has smart phones, Wi-Fi, TVs, and other electronic devices in our surroundings that emit harmful frequencies. But there are things we can do to protect ourselves from being harmed by them… like getting an EMF protective device, wearing a stone that has a beneficial frequency, or even with the right kind of clothing.

Touching a rock or metal–or even walking barefoot outside–can ground us and protect us from these harmful frequencies!

Nature can protect us from imbalance that technology brings to our lives.

This is all very logical, scientific and proven. It is grounded in reality and physics.

Crystals and Gemstones in the Bible

I also find it very interesting the mentions of specific crystals and stones in the Bible… and in many cases where they are named, it is God commanding Israel to use them in a specific way… or describing what heaven will be made of.

For example, the high priest’s garments are commanded to be crafted in a very detailed way, and must include the crystals carnelian, chrysolite, beryl (aquamarine), turquoise, lapis lazuli, emerald, jacinth (opal), agate, amethyst, topaz, onyx and jasper (in that order to represent each of the 12 tribes of Israel). 

Of these stones literally commanded by God to be used and worn by the most Holy man in Israel, at least 11 of them are crystals (with a crystalline structure of some type).

Revelation chapter 21 also lists 12 gemstones (crystals) that make up Heaven. These 12 stones match the 12 stones of the High Priest Ephod very closely, if not exactly (there is some speculation exactly what stones are referred to in a couple of cases).

So if you are wondering if stones can or should be used by Christians, there is a very strong case for their use based on the Bible itself.
…not to mention all the times in the Bible where God is literally described as a Rock. 

My Take:

  1. God created His creation for good and to benefit humans.
  2. Satan has twisted everything and used it for evil: including food, herbs,  rocks and crystals, sex, music, stretching of our bodies.
Do we allow Satan to take these things and claim them for himself or do we defy that evil and use the good things God has created for our benefit, in the way He intended?
Everything has a frequency.  Some frequencies are compatible with our bodies and some are not. Most of the frequencies we are exposed to these days (from technology, electricity, etc.) are harmful to our bodies.
There are rocks and stones that can neutralize those harmful frequencies. It’s physics. it’s proven. It’s measurable.
Why on earth would we not use God’s creation and it’s physical benefits to us because someone else has used those objects for evil by twisting them?
God is our Healer. God has imbued His creation with healing properties.

What Should We Do?

So now that we have come to the conclusion that rocks, stones and crystals are made by God and are good and beneficial to us and our health, how should we use them?
I believe God created things that are good for us to be attractive to us so we would be drawn to them.

Why do we want to put shiny, sparkly rocks around our necks, on our fingers and dangling from our ears?

Because they are beautiful!
Since they are beautiful and beneficial to us, why not use them?
I have recently enjoyed looking at the proven benefits of different rocks and stones and have gone on somewhat of a shopping spree to have a variety of them on hand.
Now I not only have cool bracelets, necklaces and earrings to wear with every outfit, I have tools that help protect against radiation, promote bone healing and growth, promote calming and relaxation, help with wound healing and other benefits.
I have always been fascinated with rocks (even ones I just found lying on the ground or at the beach), and now that I know God has given them to us for our benefit, I don’t feel bad about finding these pieces of the earth and surrounding myself with them, as a reminder of God’s love for us.

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Many of the product links in this post are affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission from any purchase. I only recommend products that I love and this is at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting our mission with your clicks!


Everything Has a Frequency

God is Described as a Rock

Where Does the Bible Talk About Stones and Crystals? 


Can’t Sleep? 10 Things to Do NOW and Sleep Better Tonight

There are 2 types of people in the world.

The first type is the person who falls asleep when his head hits the pillow; he sleeps deeply and dreams in color;  then he wakes up refreshed and energized, ready to start the day!

The second type struggles almost every night. Even when she does sleep she is tired all day and never feels refreshed. Coffee and energy drinks are a staple and she can’t function without them, yet she still hits a wall every afternoon around 3pm.

Which type are you?

If you know, you know… the second type will tell you…

Insomnia is the worst.

Tossing and turning… anxiety building because you know how exhausted you will feel the next day…. obsessing about how it’s going to affect your ability to get things done.
We know that sleep is crucial to so many things: from staying healthy to tackling our tasks for the day while being in a good mood.
What do we do when we can’t sleep.. or we sleep and don’t feel rested?

People cope with sleeping problems in different ways, from bedtime rituals to pharmaceuticals or supplements. But what is the root, and how do we fix it?

When we turn to meds
If you have experienced severe or prolonged insomnia you may have been prescribed a drug to help you sleep. These work well but can have unpleasant or harmful side effects, including difficulty waking up in the morning and fatigue or drowsiness during the day.  More severe side effects can include increased sleep apnea, hallucinations or even increased risk of mortality. Additionally, some types of sleeping medications have been found to be highly addictive. Read more about side effects of prescription sleep aids here. 
Some people take an over-the-counter aid like diphenhydramine (common brand name Benadryl®) or another multi-use drug like Tylenol PM® every night.
They figure it’s worth it because sleep is important; so while maybe it’s not the best, it’s better than not sleeping. But did you know this drug can have some very harmful side effects?
This study talks about taking it in large doses, but even taking just a little every night is cumulative, meaning the medications build up in your system, so that “small dose” you take every night starts to add up and compounds the health risks over time. The side effects listed are pretty scary: heart problems, seizures, coma or even death! Even casual usage can result in side effects like dizziness, epigastric distress (digestive problems) and thickening of bronchial secretions. Not good news during cold & flu season.

Tylenol® is Not Our Friend
I have a friend who popped Tylenol PM® every night just to fall asleep. The problem here is that she was taking multiple medications for one issue, and each med has its own side effects.

You may assume acetaminophen (common brand name Tylenol®) is safe.  Haven’t we all taken it throughout our lives and given it to our children?
Not so fast.
Immediate side effects of acetaminophen that are commonly listed range from nausea to rashes, headache to stomach pain. Doesn’t sound too terrible. And that’s rare anyway… right?
When taken in high doses (as in prescription strength or given in hospitals) OR with long-term use (because remember this stuff adds up in the body and has a cumulative effect that we often don’t consider), use of acetaminophen can lead to liver damage which can even result in liver failure and death.
Another little-known problem with acetaminophen is that it suppresses glutathione in the body. 
What is Glutathione?
Glutathione is our body’s master antioxidant. The more your body produces glutathione, the better it can eliminate toxins and waste every day. So anything we do to increase glutathione production in our bodies is desirable, and anything that suppresses this wonder molecule should be avoided at all cost.

I don’t want to talk about every different form of medication and the risks but suffice it to say meds are not the answer to your sleep problems. Fortunately there are plenty of natural ways to re-set the sleep cycle and get yourself dreaming again in no time.

(To increase glutathione in your body… which we all need… check out this whole food based multi that is bioavailable (no synthetics!), fully methylated and has been shown to increase the body’s production of glutathione! Available in both adult and kids versions!)

To discuss your situation and get a recommendation, text “sleep” to ‪
(802) 227-7051‬
Some who consider themselves more “naturally minded” have discovered melatonin supplementation.
While melatonin may be a slightly better option than over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, I don’t recommend using that either, and it’s actually not much better than its pharmaceutical counterparts.
Is melatonin a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Melatonin is a hormone our bodies convert from serotonin, a neurotransmitter produced in our digestive tracts.

Hormones are best produced by our bodies, and supplementing with hormones is generally not beneficial long term.
Store-bought melatonin is usually a synthetic compound. Any synthetic supplement is really just a pharmaceutical product in disguise.
Read about some of the side effects of melatonin here.
The more we supplement with hormones like melatonin, the less our body will produce it on its own. In a way our bodies become reliant on them because we begin to produce less than we should, perpetuating a cycle of sleeplessness and continued use.
…and the goal is to be able to sleep without taking meds or anything else, right? 
So what is the best way to fix this problem?
Here are a few tips to help your brain and your body re-set your sleep cycle and start getting the deep, restful sleep you need tonight.
  1. Go to sleep earlier

    What time do you typically go to sleep? Many Americans tend to burn the midnight oil, finally shutting down for the night at midnight or even later.

    Did you know our hormones are refreshed in our brain’s frontal lobe between the hours of 11pm-1am? If you are not in deep sleep during that time you will miss it (either partially or completely)! And hormones are important–they drive almost every function in our bodies. We should be in deep sleep during that entire window, which means the latest we should fall asleep is about 10:30.

    Think that is impossible? Try these next tips and start turning in earlier to create new patterns. The more we go to sleep and wake up earlier, the more our bodies adapt to that routine.

  2.  Relax before bedtime.
    Never downplay the importance of routines: our bodies thrive on routines. 

For example, most of us get hungry at the same times every day. We tend to do things in a predictable way, and our bodies thrive on that routine.

It is the same for sleep. Our bodies have rhythms and when we are not predictable in our routines before sleeping, including what time we sleep and what we do, our bodies may not recognize that it’s time to wind down.

Some bedtime rituals may include:

The bottom line is if you do the same type of relaxing activities every night when you are ready to sleep (especially if you go to sleep around the same time every night), your body will get the hint and falling (and staying) asleep will be much easier.


To discuss your situation and get a recommendation, text “sleep” to ‪
(802) 227-7051‬

3    Re-Set your Circadian Rhythms

If your internal clock just seems to be “off…” you may need to balance your body’s circadian rhythm.

From pulling all-nighters in college and partying with friends in the wee hours of the morning, to staying up looking at our devices late at night, our body’s sleep cycle can get disrupted and it can be difficult to rebalance.

Luckily there is a sure-fire way to re-set your circadian rhythm in one week, and it’s free! Go camping in the woods for 7 days without any electronics: wake up and go to sleep with the sun for a solid week and boom–your natural clock will re-set!
You don’t have time for that? 
Of course there are other ways to re-set your sleep cycle with supplementation and herbs. This herbal sleep supplement can re-set your sleep cycle in about about 14 days, so you can live your life as you re-set your circadian rhythm! 
To discuss your situation and get a recommendation, text “sleep” to ‪
(802) 227-7051‬

4   Turn Off the Wi-Fi

This may have never crossed your mind, but Wi-Fi disrupts sleep.

We can’t control our neighbors or anyone else, but we can control the closest source of Wi-Fi in our lives: our Wi-Fi routers!

Some companies allow you to set a time that it goes off each night (or create a schedule) so if you are able to do that, try it!

Personally, I just have my router plugged into a power strip with an on/off button, and I just flip it off before bed every night. Easy peasy!

If someone needs to stay up a little later (like my teenaged son) they know to turn it off when they are ready to go to bed… and the few times it hasn’t been turned off I could tell because I didn’t sleep as well. It really does make a difference–try it!

5   Turn off Devices

Did you know that blue light from screens (computer, phone, tablet or other devices) hinders the production of melatonin by our brains? The “blue light” from electronics or fluorescent lighting confuses the brain because blue light is usually available via sunlight in the daytime.

Turning off all fluorescent lights and devices an hour before bedtime can help our brains recognize it’s night time and start producing that super antioxidant hormone melatonin that makes us sleepy.

If you must sometimes look at screens close to bedtime, try getting blue-light blocking glasses. This will allow you to look at the screens and block the blue light that disrupts sleep, so they are a good idea to have on hand when you need them. Win-win, right?

6   Get Moving Outside!

We all know we should exercise more, and often that means hours at the gym. But why not make it more fun and accomplish several things at the same time!

Get outside for a walk, a hike, or a bike ride and you will breathe in fresh air, take in beautiful views, increase endorphins and wear yourself out from the exercise, and absorb sunshine that will help with melatonin production later and increase your body’s production of Vitamin D!

Just as important as decreasing blue light at nighttime before bed is increasing your exposure to sunlight during waking hours!

7   Get Magnesium

Most Americans are deficient in magnesium. Whether it’s from our stress-filled lives and non-stop activities or a less-than-perfect diet, we begin to feel the effects when we just can’t wind down at the end of the day.

Seems like an easy fix, right? Just grab a supplement.

Not so fast.

There are almost a dozen different types of magnesium and some are absorbed better than others (and others are absorbed better by different people… which gets confusing).

if you take too much magnesium you can get some digestive issues, like diarrhea, which is no fun. And you may still not get as much as you need. So what’s the best sure-fire way to get magnesium?

Magnesium is best absorbed transdermally (through the skin) so the easiest, best way to increase your magnesium intake is by applying it topically.

My favorite, inexpensive way to apply magnesium is doing regular epsom salt baths. Not only do you fill up on magnesium, baths are relaxing by their nature, and are a great part of a nightly routine. And epsom salt is cheap!

Another great way to get magnesium is with magnesium oil. It comes in a spray and you can spray it right on your skin, or you can get a magnesium butter (lotion) that incorporates  magnesium oil and moisturizes skin at the same time. You can even make your own magnesium oil with water and magnesium flakes.

8   Kill Parasites

You may be thinking “Ew.”

It’s not fun to think about, but unfortunately every human has parasites. A parasite is any organism in our bodies that steals our nutrition and releases toxins into our bodies.

We should all be doing regular parasite cleanses, and since parasites are most active at night they can disrupt our sleep and give us bad dreams!

Read this for more information on parasites and how to get rid of them. 

9   Increase Serotonin (and Melatonin) Production in Your Body

Serotonin is the neurotransmitter the body converts into melatonin so you can sleep at night. So if you are not making enough serotonin, you may not make enough melatonin, and sleep issues can result.
The good news is you can balance your gut and your body can produce more serotonin–> melatonin.

If you have sleep issues and you also have digestive complaints, it is likely you have a gut imbalance that is causing both problems. This is actually great news because you can address both at the same time! Serotonin production primarily happens in the gut microbiome… if you are low in serotonin you may also experience symptoms like depression and anxiety, panic attacks, high levels of stress that you struggle to deal with, impatience, or other mood issues.

To discuss your situation and get a recommendation, text “sleep” to ‪
(802) 227-7051‬
The good news is that by healing your gut with the right balance of good bacteria, your body can again begin to produce the right amounts of serotonin, and these issues can begin to resolve themselves one by one!
How do I heal my gut and create more serotonin?
Great question! I was looking for this answer for years. Though I knew there was a gut-brain connection, I didn’t know how to heal it!
Now there is finally a protocol that works to address the entire gut-brain connection and restore balance to the gut, the brain, and the communication axis between! (There is one for kids too, and it tastes great!)
If you would like to see how this protocol has helped a few of my personal friends, read about these miracles of root cause healing.
(That company also offers a full one YEAR money back guarantee! So there is no risk to see what root cause healing can do for you.) 

10   Balance Your Hormones 

Over half of Americans have a hormonal imbalance… and as you may know, hormones affect everything, including sleep!

We’ve all heard of hormones but what exactly are they?

According to Cleveland Clinic, hormones are are signals that tell your body what to do and when to do it. Hormones are essential for life and your health.

Our hormones affect every part of our lives. From what mood we’re in, to libido and fertility, to energy we have during the day, how we digest food and store it as fat or use it as energy, to how well we sleep at night and even how affectionate we feel towards our families!

Hormones have a very intimate connection to sleep, because our hormones are produced, regulated, and balanced while we sleep.

A doctor told me that our brain’s frontal lobe refreshes our hormones every night between 11pm-1am. And if we aren’t already in deep REM sleep when that begins, we miss out on that hormonal regulation for the day.

No wonder we can feel off balance when we don’t get enough sleep or go to bed too late!

Additionally, as we age our hormone levels naturally decrease. Women are particularly prone to hormonal imbalance because of monthly fluctuations, pregnancy and childbirth, past birth control use, hormone disrupters in our food, environmental pollutants, medications and other factors.

Hormonal imbalance can lead to:

  • weight gain or weight loss
  • poor sleep
  • low energy
  • lack of motivation or focus
  • brain fog
  • anxiety
  • inflammation and puffiness
  • digestive issues
  • hair thinning
  • skin problems like acne or rashes, and more.

But what can we do? We may seek a doctor’s help, get a hormone panel done–and the doctor may or may not find an issue–but we know something is wrong, and we still have to figure out how to fix it.

Taking hormones (whether synthetic, bio-identical or “natural”) is not the best option, because we are not allowing the body to heal and balance itself: we are forcing an outside solution that probably won’t fix the problem and can cause more imbalance and more symptoms long term.

What we should do is give the body what it needs so it can balance itself.

There are hormone balancing herbs and supplements, but which one is the best, and which one will work? I have tried  many and found one that works really well… and the great thing is that there is one made for men and one for women. This is important because while men and women both have the same hormones, the balance is very different, so the way we support our bodies is different as well.

There is even a “Happy Hormones Pack” which addresses both gut health AND hormone balance simultaneously–addressing the issue from both sides while providing stress and mood support for a great deal!

(That company also offers a full one YEAR money back guarantee! So there is no risk to see what root cause healing can do for you.) 

To discuss your situation and get a recommendation, text “sleep” to ‪
(802) 227-7051‬
These 10 things should help you to get restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy every day. If you want to discuss your specific situation and how to address your needs, please feel free to text “sleep” to 802-227-7051 and we can discuss it!

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See for Yourself: Miracles of Root Cause Healing

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Herbal Adaptogenic Hormone healing for HER. 

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ENOUGH! Balance Your Body and Lose Weight From the Root

I was so frustrated. 

I was doing all the right things. 

My diet was very close to perfect: I was eating clean, my meals were small, I was getting regular exercise, and I rarely ate sugar or anything with a lot of carbs.

Yet weight would creep on… belly, thighs, arms, hips…. 

I knew there must be a secret, but I had to figure out how to master it. 

I’m not a fan of anything artificial: I don’t wear makeup, I eat organic food, I use natural fabrics, and I am not into quick fix weight loss. 

I believe if we are healthy we will be beautiful, from the inside out. 

As I got older, however, it became apparent that what worked to keep me healthy, thin and energetic before was no longer accomplishing that. 

What was I missing? 

Having researched health and natural root cause healing over the years, all of the data points to improving gut balance as the root of our overall health. 

Heal your gut and your gut will heal you.”   

I knew that was the key, but HOW do I heal my gut? 

And what about hormones? It’s very clear that hormones play a huge role in health and especially in weight management. How do hormones tie in and how do I make sure they are balanced and healthy so I don’t have to worry about gaining weight or low energy? 

What I learned was fascinating. 

The gut is the root… but not JUST the gut… and not just hormones… it’s the SIGNALLING!  

We’ve known for about 20 years that gut health is key to everything, and it makes sense: the gut is the ONE line that goes from the entrance to the exit of our bodies. Everything we put in our mouths goes through that line. It’s responsible for absorbing and assimilating all the nutrients our bodies need–and distributing those to the appropriate places. 

So if our gut is unhealthy or imbalanced, of course it will affect the rest of the body. 

What we hadn’t considered was how important the connection between the gut and the brain is, and if we can fix the signaling of the neurotransmitters and hormones with the rest of our bodies… we can optimize everything! 

Of course we have to heal our guts. And of course we need to support brain health. 

…but if we ignore the communication between them, we can still miss the whole point! 

The gut-brain connection is mind-blowing, cutting-edge science that explains so much. 


How do I fix this signaling?? 

I spent years trying probiotics, diets, ferments in my kitchen and natural remedies to figure out how to optimize my gut-brain axis. 

It’s hard because there are so many things the labels don’t tell us… for example: I would try a probiotic that looked great on paper: it had a good variety of strains, a large CFU count, and it seemed like everything I could need (and it wasn’t’ cheap!) but it wouldn’t do anything for me. I wouldn’t see or feel any difference. 

So what was I missing? 

There is now a QUAD-biotic that specifically fixes this signaling issue and targets weight loss! 

  • Bring balance to the gut microbiome
  • Support the brain
  • Restore communication and signaling all over the body

It used only whole food ingredients and nothing artificial, GMO or synthetic

No red flags! 

I’d never seen anything like it. 

Listen to my friend Jenna talk about truly sustainable weight loss. She has lost 79lb (and counting!) by healing her gut-brain axis… and it has changed her life!

Since they have a money back guarantee for a year (a full 12 months!) I didn’t have anything to lose so I decided to try it, and guys….

It works. 

It gets to the root of so many things….

  • Digestion
  • Hormone balance
  • Skin
  • Weight
  • Thyroid
  • Mental Health
  • Energy
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood Sugar
  • Detox
  • Mood 
  • Heart
  • Liver
  • Brain
  • Blood
  • Adrenals
  • Immunity

A formulation that follows the science, that is CLEAN and actually WORKS?? 

This is definitely something you will want to check out. 

Frustrated? Let’s Chat! Text “frustrated” to ‪(802) 227-7051‬

Not only that, but they have a gut-brain healing axis specifically designed for kids and I’ve been seeing my friends get amazing results for their children for digestive, behavioral, mood, focus and spectrum issues, among other things.

Check out some of those stories here. Watching kids heal is my FAVORITE thing. 

Frustrated? Let’s Chat! Text “frustrated” to ‪(802) 227-7051‬

Back to Weight Loss

If weight and mental or physical performance is your primary concern, check out this drink made by the same company. 

It’s fiber based and is excellent for regulating blood sugar and balancing insulin levels in the body, which is directly correlated with fat storage. 

It also works to burn visceral fat (the dangerous stuff around our organs that puts stress on our hearts and accumulates around our waistlines…), improve mood, and increase motivation. 

It even helps to train your brain to want to be more physically active! 

It’s delicious and only contains 3 active ingredients:

🥭 Mango Leaf
🍈 Palm Fruit
🍎 Lychee Fruit

Perfect for warmer weather… I call it “Hydration With Benefits.” 

So whether you want to heal from the root or just tweak and maintain your healthy routine, this is something you should explore. 

This drink can function as an energy drink or pre-workout (but WITHOUT caffeine or sugar or any other nasties!) and it’s more affordable at less than $2 per serving. 

Hydration with health benefits that is actually healing, improves digestion, and brings all the energy and motivation to get things done??

Sign me up!

I can’t get enough of this drink and I think you’ll love it too… 

(but if you don’t there is a full money-back guarantee for a YEAR!)

And if you want both, check out this TRANSFORMATION pack for a great deal! 

What do you have to lose?

Frustrated? Let’s Chat! Text “frustrated” to ‪(802) 227-7051‬

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Many of the product links in this post are affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission from any purchase. I only recommend products that I love and this is at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting our mission with your clicks!


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What’s 1 drink that can improve MOOD, MOTIVATION and METABOLISM? 💥

TRANSFORM your life! 

Get to the ROOT of weight loss and whole-body health with a probiotic! 


Heal Cavities in 3 Easy Steps

I was raised by hippies.

At least when I was born they were hippies.

They didn’t let me have any type of sugar until after I was 5 years old, and the only sugar in our house was in the ketchup (my dad loves ketchup on everything).

They drove to the local farm for raw milk before it was cool.

My earliest memories are with my mom, walking into the local health food store. They had individually-wrapped carob sticks that were the closest thing I ever had to chocolate before I started school.

So I suppose you could say my teeth (and my health) got off to a pretty good start.

(Ironically my mom later became the manager of a candy store in the mall and I worked there in high school… but that’s another story).

Even growing up in such a natural, sugar-free environment, however, I still had a very mainstream view of teeth and cavities: The only way to fight cavities and keep your mouth healthy was to prevent them: eat less sugar and brush your teeth with modern toothpaste twice a day, and rinse with a drugstore mouthwash to kill all the germs.

Once you get a cavity the only thing you can do is go to the dentist, get it drilled out and filled with metals or ceramic (at least I knew better than to get mercury).

Oh, and fluoride is amazing for dental health.


Get the scoop on fluoride here.

I had a lot to learn.

Most dentists will still tell you these things, and laugh if you ask how to actually heal cavities, so imagine my shock when I learned that not only is healing cavities possible, it’s actually pretty EASY.

Questions? Text TEETH to ‪(802) 227-7051‬


1. Oil pulling

2. Remineralizing toothpaste

3. Deep Nutrition

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an oral health practice that originated in India, and it’s one of the best things you can do not only for oral health but for the health of your whole body.

Simply put, oil pulling is swishing oil in your mouth for 5-20 minutes at a time.

That may sound strange, but the benefits of oil pulling can’t be understated.

Oil pulling not only kills “bad” bacteria in the mouth and improves pH, it actively draws toxins out of other parts of your body, including your sinuses, your brain, your organs and other areas.

I find if I feel a sinus issue arising, a good oil-pulling session will usually knock it right out.

Oil pulling is also believed to draw chemicals, toxins, free radicals and even heavy metals out of the body.

Oh, and it kills the bacteria that cause cavities, so you can heal them.

How to Oil Pull

In India Sesame Oil is generally used, but I always use Coconut Oil. Both have antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

Step 1: One spoonful of oil

Put a spoonful of your chosen oil in your mouth before you eat anything in the morning. Depending on the size of your mouth, you will want between a teaspoon and a tablespoon of oil (don’t worry; you won’t be swallowing it).

Step 2: Start Swishing

Swish the oil all around your mouth for at least 5 minutes, up to 20 minutes (you will probably have to work up to that).

Sometimes I put oil in my mouth before I hop in the shower so I don’t have to worry about talking or trying to eat something for the next few minutes. Try to swish as forcefully as you can: getting between your teeth if possible. The longer you swish, the “thinner” the oil will feel, until it just feels like water.

Step 3: Spit in the TRASH

Do not spit this in the sink and do NOT swallow the oil.

The oil is now full of toxins, chemicals, and possibly even metals from your teeth or other parts of your body. (The oil can clog the drain so always spit in a trash can).

Step 4: Brush your teeth

The oil pulling process draws toxins out of your mouth and from between your teeth, but it also pulls toxins from other parts of your body. After spitting the oil in the trash, be sure to brush your teeth to eliminate any residual toxins left in your mouth from the process.

Questions? Text TEETH to ‪(802) 227-7051‬

Remineralizing Toothpaste

If you think drugstore toothpaste is the healthiest option for your teeth, you are not alone.

But mainstream toothpaste is one of the worst things you can use. It’s full of toxins, chemicals, antibiotic agents and other harmful ingredients (not to mention fluoride), and putting these things in your mouth is one of the fastest ways to get them in your bloodstream.

The toothpaste you use matters, particularly when you are trying to heal cavities and remineralize your teeth.

How do I know which toothpaste to use?

In order to remineralize your teeth, the toothpaste needs to contain minerals.

Look for a clay-based toothpaste or tooth powder that does not contain glycerin.

Glycerin coats the teeth and the idea is to protect your teeth as you eat… but it also prevents remineralization.

My favorite remineralizing toothpastes are Earthpaste and My Magic Mud, but there are a variety of options.

Questions? Text TEETH to ‪(802) 227-7051‬

Nutrient-Dense Foods

Whenever you seek to heal from the inside-out, diet is of supreme importance.

The only way to fully heal your teeth is to make sure you are eating nutrient-dense food.

What is nutrient-dense food?

Most holistic dentists recommend Cod Liver Oil as the most nutrient-dense supplement you can take to increase nutrition and heal your teeth (and your body) from the inside out.

Other options are to add organ meats (get pastured or organic whenever possible) to your diet as well as a large variety of organic fruits and vegetables.

And PLEASE cut out sugar as much as you possibly can.

Most people struggle with sugar addiction.

Learn how to break that here.

Make Your Own Mouthwash

Drugstore mouthwashes are full of undesirable ingredients, including chemicals and antibacterial agents to kill everything in your mouth.

But like every other part of our bodies, the mouth has a microbiome, which can include both “good” and “bad” bacteria.

The food we eat feeds either the good or the bad, and as a result our mouths can be in balance or out of balance.

When the bad bacteria (fed by sugar and processed food) is overgrown, we end up with issues like bad breath, a white coating on our tongues, cavities and other issues.

(And just in case you think the mouth microbiome is completely distinct from the gut microbiome and the rest of the body, newsflash: everything is connected and each part of our body (and the balance therein) affects every other part).

Read more about the microbiome and how important it is here. 

It’s basically impossible to have a healthy, balanced microbiome in one part of the body while having an unhealthy, imbalanced microbiome in another part.

When you heal one it contributes to the healing of all.

It makes sense, because everything we put into our mouths ends up in our digestive tract, so really healing for one is healing for both.

Questions? Text TEETH to ‪(802) 227-7051‬

Our goal when cleaning our mouths (with toothpaste or mouthwash) should be balance and increasing the populations of good bacteria.

We should try to always feed the good and starve the bad (because the “bad” are opportunistic and will overgrow and cause disease whenever possible… our “modern” diets of processed, chemical-laden, sugar-full food does not help us here).

It’s of utmost importance to eat the best, highest quality whole food we can most of the time. These days it’s impossible to have the perfect diet, but when you consider everything we eat on a daily basis, it starts to make sense that what we are eating is really impacting our oral (and overall) health in big ways.

We all have times when we can’t help but eat something that isn’t ideal… at birthday or holiday parties, when we go out to eat with friends or when we’re a guest at someone’s home.

Questions? Text TEETH to ‪(802) 227-7051‬

What I try to keep in mind in these situations is that it’s an occasional treat and the relationship is more important than being strict with what I eat. If I can keep myself on track most of the time (when I’m at home and on my own) then these occasional indulgences will happen and I don’t need to stress out about it.

What Do I Eat for Optimal Oral Health?

The advice is always the same: what is good for overall health and gut health is also good for oral health. (That keeps it simple, right?)

Here are some general guidelines for optimal oral health. Most of the time, try to eat foods that are:

  • Free of added sugars
  • Unprocessed (whole foods)
  • Not sugary drinks
  • Organic whenever possible
  • Fermented (like sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha…)
  • RAW milk/dairy

As you probably know, our modern industrial diet lacks the nutrients it used to have. Depletion of the soil, fertilizers and other farming conditions have resulted in foods that just aren’t giving us everything we need any more, so unfortunately supplementation is necessary in this day and age to prevent nutrient deficiencies and keep us as healthy as possible.

Supplements can be dizzying, however. There are so many options! 

Which ones are best?

How do I know if I’m absorbing them?

What do I look for on the label? 

 These are important questions, and it can be so confusing! For more information on what to look for and to see what I take, check out this article about which supplements to take and how to decide. 

Questions? Text TEETH to ‪(802) 227-7051‬


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Many of the product links in this post are affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission from any purchase. I only recommend products that I love and this is at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting our mission with your clicks!

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Which Vitamins Should I Take? Is there a Difference?

Which Vitamins Should I Take? Is There a Difference? 

One day a friend came over to our house and was talking about how he had discovered that taking a multivitamin was super important to fill in the gaps of nutritional deficiencies in our diet. 

Okay. So far so good. 

Our soils are very depleted and no matter how good your diet is, there are probably fewer nutrients in it than there were in the food our grandparents ate. So taking additional nutrients in the form of a supplement makes sense for most people. 

Then he said, “I got a huge bottle of from the drugstore for like $10! It last me about 6 months!” 

Hold on. 

Stop right there. 

I told him, “Those vitamins will kill you” and he couldn’t pick his jaw up off the floor fast enough. I’m usually the “healthy advice” person in the room, so when I say things that contradict what people read in a magazine I get looks of shock. 

As is usually the case… supplementing our diets with vitamins is a bit more complicated than the standard mainstream advice. 

Aren’t All Vitamins the Same?

Almost all vitamin supplements on the market are synthetic. (If they are cheap: they are guaranteed to be synthetic). 

That means they are not from food: they are chemically created in a lab. You may think, as my friend did, that “everything is a chemical” so it doesn’t make a difference where we get these nutrients… but it does. 

Chemical, synthetic “vitamins” may share a chemical structure with their natural counterparts, but they are not recognized as nutrients by the body, and with long term use will cause disease.

In fact, even a nutrient isolated from a whole food is not the best thing to take, even if it came from a completely natural source. 

What’s the Difference?

Here’s the thing. 

Nature puts our nutrients into packages called food: fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, plants, and even animals. 

Our bodies are part of nature and we have always assimilated nutrients through food. 

When we eat food, our body is not only absorbing one nutrient. It’s absorbing the whole food, which is a unique combination of micro and macro nutrients: vitamins, minerals, fiber, sugar, carbohydrates, protein, fat, amino acids, enzymes, and other components. Foods have a very complex makeup of symbiotic constituents that work together to provide nourishment to the human body. 

We often try to recreate this symbiosis (in a primitive way) by pairing vitamins and minerals together that we have discovered are “cofactors” of each other.

For example, iodine is a very important nutrient to our bodies, but it has been discovered that we don’t absorb iodine very well without selenium. So you may see supplements that have both selenium and iodine to ensure adequate absorption of both. 

But it’s much more complicated than that. And simply re-creating a vitamin in a lab with chemicals is not the same thing as getting that nutrient in its food packaging. 

How the Body Absorbs Nutrition

When we eat food the digestive system breaks it apart and begins assimilating and distributing nutrients to different areas of the body. 

The body has receptors for certain nutrients in all different places. For example there are iodine receptors all over the body, but there are a lot of iodine receptors specifically in the breasts and sexual organs of women. So when there is an iodine deficiency, dysfunction in these organs and systems can often result. 

This is Important

When there is a deficiency of a nutrient in the body, the body starts to crave the foods that contain those nutrients. That’s why sometimes, out of nowhere,  we really want to eat a burger or chocolate or something with tomato sauce… our body may be in need of iron or magnesium or lycopene, for example. 

Taking a multivitamin to fill in nutritional gaps is not a terrible idea, but synthetic vitamins are not a good solution. The body does not recognize these nutrients… but it will accept them as a substitute in the absence of real nutrition. 

Over time however this can cause all kinds of health problems, from disease to chronic ailments, pain or cancer. 

Disease is pretty much always a deficiency of nutrients, in combination with a high toxicity load. 

Synthetic vs Natural Nutrients

For example, this is how people die of radiation poisoning. Radioactive isotopes are simply unstable elements that are similar to nutrients our bodies need. 

At Fukushima there was an abundance of iodine-131 contaminating the oceans and environment. This can be dangerous to humans, but only if we are already deficient in the good, stable form of iodine. 

What is the way to prevent radiation poisoning from iodine-131? Get the whole stable form of iodine (an essential nutrient) 

This is how the body sees it: “I’m deficient in iodine (most people are). This “iodine” isn’t the best but it’s better than nothing so I’ll take it.”

Then this unstable iodine poisons the body and fills up the iodine receptors (there are a bunch in breasts, ovaries and other female reproductive organs). 

The way to prevent or remedy this is to take actual iodine…. the body says, “Oh! This is what I really want!”

So it dumps the toxic stuff and replaces it with the real stuff. 

This is also exactly how the body responds to synthetic nutrients: it will accept them in the absence of real nutrients… and you might feel better initially. But there is no healing, and these synthetic elements will eventually cause problems in the body because the nutrient deficiency was never adequately addressed. 

An Epidemic of Malnutrition

You may be surprised to learn that in the United States, a country with an abundance of overweight people, malnutrition is an epidemic. 

It would seem that these people are overfed, if anything, and that’s true: but they are undernourished, because we eat a scarcity of foods with real nutrition. 

Have you ever wondered how you can eat a whole meal and feel full but still feel hungry at the same time? 

It’s because your body is craving actual nutrition. You just ate a bunch of calories that the body doesn’t know what to do with, but it still needs nutrients. So the body stores those calories as fat to deal with later, and you are still hungry. 

This may come as a shock to you, but eating food is to fuel our bodies: not just because we like it. 

Don’t get me wrong: real food tastes really good. But in our over-processed society filled with fast junk food… we are overfed and undernourished. 

We have missed the point of eating entirely. 

Think about what you’ve eaten over the past 3 days. Write it out if you can remember. 

I’ve seen food diaries that look something like this:

  • Breakfast: bagel with cream cheese
  • Snack: Coffee powdered creamer and a doughnut 
  • Lunch: Subway sandwich with deli meat and condiments with a soda
  • Afternoon snack: Doritos and M&M’s
  • Dinner: Pizza with soda, ice cream as a dessert

Unfortunately, this “diet” is much more common than anyone wants to admit. Some even think this is fairly healthy! 

What I see is an entire day almost completely devoid of any nutrients whatsoever. 

The entire point of eating is nutrients, and we aren’t getting any! 

No wonder our bodies are starving as our weight tips the scale! 

So What Do We Do?

But if the multivitamins we buy at the store aren’t good either, what should we do?

The first thing to do is improve our diets. Even though it may not be possible to get all of the nutrients we need from today’s food, We need to do a better job of trying, because the best multi in the world is not going to give us all of the nutrition we need.

We also need to focus on gut health: eating for gut health, improving our gut health and ensuring that we are absorbing the nutrients from our food and supplements.

Think about it: if our digestive system is unhealthy and imbalanced, we will be unable to absorb the proper nutrients from our food or our supplements–so all of that effort and expense will be wasted.

Also, the latest research shows that gut health is literally the root of everything: so if your gut is unhealthy, you will be sick. And you won’t get better until you improve gut health. The issues you have may snowball into more issues and more issues. So why not just get to the root and be healthy and avoid all of that heartache?

Gut health is the root of: 

Literally everything.

Click here to read some inspiring stories of healing in each of these areas.

But How Do I Improve Gut Health? 

That’s a great question.

I spent about 10 years trying to figure this out.

I tried dozens and dozens of probiotics.

I created my own ferments (both food and drink) in my kitchen.

I made and consumed gallons of bone broth.

I ate organ meat and farm-fresh vegetables and any dairy I consumed was raw or cultured.

I avoided all the bad things like sugar and processed foods and read every label in sight.

But it wasn’t enough.

I knew gut health was the root, but HOW did I achieve it?

I stumbled upon a gut-brain axis healing protocol that changed everything. 

It’s research based, formulated with whole foods, herbs, probiotics and real nutrients, and it actually works.

Not only that, the company offers a money back guarantee. FOR A YEAR.

It’s literally guaranteed to work. So I figured I had nothing to lose.

And neither do you.

Nothing to lose except

  • pain
  • bloating
  • inflammation
  • indigestion
  • IBS
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • skin issues
  • allergies
  • high blood sugar
  • high blood pressure
  • brain fog
  • parasites
  • candida
  • mold toxicity
  • sensitivities

What are you waiting for? Get the gut-brain axis healing protocol here.

And when you get that, you can add this for half off: a whole food, fully methylated multivitamin for less than you are probably paying now.

Everything is guaranteed for a full year.

And today I can offer $10 off your first order: simply enter code 39519 in the coupon code box at checkout.


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Many of the product links in this post are affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission from any purchase. I only recommend products that I love and this is at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting our mission with your clicks!


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