Detox, Parasites and Our Kids: What to Do

Digestive complaints

Sleep issues


Teeth grinding

Behavioral delays

Mood and Anger issues




Itchy at night

Frequent illness        

Food Sensitivities and Intolerance


Non-verbal or delayed speech

These are just a few of the most common symptoms of parasites.
Have you suffered from any of these?

Have your kids?

We would do anything for our kids. So when they have unexplained health problems and a doctor can’t fix them, we feel helpless.  What do we do?

We’ve been learning about how we all have parasites.. but you may not realize that our kids have them too, and there is a lot we can (and should) do about it. People have been pro-active about parasites for as long as humans have lived, and that includes keeping their kids parasite-free!Recap: Parasites and Our Health

We’ve discussed how parasites are the root of virtually all the problems we have, and a 3 step protocol to address them. There is even a step-by-step guide to walk you through your very first parasite cleanse! (And this group for support and guidance as you go!)

But what can we do about our kids? It’s a good idea for everyone in the house to cleanse at once, but can kids do the same cleanse as an adult? And what if they can’t swallow capsules yet?

How Do Kids Get Parasites?

As we’ve discussed, there are a lot of ways we are exposed to parasites: in fact, it is inevitable. We can get parasites from food (any food-even fruits and veggies), water, dirt, pets, and other people. Parents can even pass parasites to kids at birth, and family members and pets can pass them to each other!

So now that we’ve established that all people (and pets), even kids, have parasites, and that they are causing most if not all of our health issues… what do we do about it??

Kids are Resilient

Generally speaking, children’s bodies respond more quickly and efficiently to anything we do than adult bodies do. (The younger they are, the faster they respond, it seems).

For this reason I don’t generally recommend strong anti-parasitic herbs or meds for very young children because I don’t find it’s usually necessary.

Since young children do sometimes have parasites and we do need to do something… what do we do?

Getting to the Root

As explained in the article about the 3 steps and why they are important, it’s always a little more complicated than just taking an anti-parasitic and being done forever.

Whether for adults or children, killing parasites is great, but let’s rewind and think about why the parasites were able to live there in the first place.

We all have an inner balance of good and bad bacteria that contribute (more than we realize) to our overall health. This balance is either in our favor or it’s not–either we have an abundance of “good” microbes that benefit us, or we have an over-abundance of “bad” microbes and parasites that steal our nutrients and poison us from within.

If we have an imbalance of good to bad, we will have troubling symptoms, poor health, and will not feel our best. This goes for children just as much as it goes for adults.

We have to change the environment of our bodies that is allowing parasites to thrive… and the only way to do that is to change that balance and make ourselves “bad hosts” to parasites. (Which means our bodies are strong and our immune systems can fight off anything that we are exposed to.)

Where do children get their gut microbiome? Initially, it’s all from their parents–and we can pass not only good & bad bacteria to our kids, but we can also pass along things like heavy metals, mold, and parasites.

When we realize that many of our problems stem from these parasites in our bodies and that we can pass these to our kids, it puts a little different perspective on “genetic” illnesses that “run in the family” doesn’t it?

I’m not saying genetics don’t have anything to do with it, because of course they do… but we all have damaged genes in one way or another, so why are some people ill and some people are healthy throughout their lives?

That all comes down to epigenetics… basically which genetic expression do we turn ON and which do we turn OFF?

THAT is up to us… and it’s based on the choices we make in this life: what we eat, what we do, what toxins we expose ourselves to, how we detox, and how we balance ourselves and fight parasites.

It’s always possible to heal, but the sooner in life we do that the better–so get your kids on this path now!

So what do I recommend?

For most kids under 10, I’d recommend just root cause healing: half of the step 1 reboot and the kids step 3. Because they respond so much more quickly than we do, for most kids this will be enough to push out any parasites they are dealing with and rebalance their bodies going forward so they are less susceptible to them in the future, even when exposed.

This is the best way because it strengthens our bodies, balances our microbiomes, and makes our immune systems a fortress that is not easy for pathogens to penetrate.

And it works! Here are some stories that prove it. 

Got Questions? Text KIDS to ‪(802) 227-7051‬

Step 1 is very gentle, but for kids under 10 I recommend giving them half the recommended dose (one capsule at each time designated on the schedule in the package). The capsules can be opened and put into a drink or food if the child doesn’t swallow capsules. For children over 10, a full step 1 reboot is great (2 capsules at each time designated). If the child is particularly small or large for the age, you can make a decision of whether to give half or a whole step 1 reboot (save the other half for next time, or you can split one step 1 reboot between 2 kids). Regardless, the herbs are safe for all ages, and even for pregnancy and breastfeeding. See the ingredients here (scroll down).

If you want to get the 2-step kids protocol, I’ve put it here in a cart and included $10 off: Click here.

Got Questions? Text KIDS to ‪(802) 227-7051‬

Is it Safe for Kids?

When I am concerned with the safety of a food, herb or remedy the first thing I do is look at how it has been used traditionally.

For example, castor oil has been given to kids 1-2 times a year traditionally to ward off parasites. Other foods like pumpkin seeds, oregano, clove, and black walnuts are also great because they are food we eat anyway and can help ward off the critters.

The kids step 3 has been specifically formulated for kids so you can rest assured that all ingredients are thoroughly researched and known as safe for kids: and they are all made from actual food ingredients as well.

Got Questions? Text KIDS to ‪(802) 227-7051‬

What About Moms Who are Pregnant or Breastfeeding? 

I am constantly asked what moms can do if they are pregnant or breastfeeding but want to start healing without endangering their babies. Most think they just have to wait until they are past this season of life… but it’s not true! There are things you can safely do now to start healing which are very effective and safe for both pregnancy and breastfeeding. Not only that–it may actually help your baby to heal indirectly!

My friend Aleesha came to me recently because she was suffering. She has been diagnosed with lyme and has debilitating symptoms like pain, inflammation, brain fog and low energy she deals with every day as a result. Since she is currently breastfeeding her son, I advised she do just Step 1 & Step 3 of the 3 step protocol, because step 2 is what actively targets the parasites and can cause some die off toxins to enter the bloodstream, which she didn’t want to expose her son to.

She started feeling a difference just in the first 2 days of this protocol, and now she’s on her 3rd month of root cause healing and she has been feeling so good she no longer needs to take the daily homeopathics she was using to give her relief from her symptoms! She actually forgets to take them because she’s feeling so good!

Is There Anyone Who Should NOT Do a Parasite Cleanse? 

Since we know we all have parasites and they might be causing all of our problems, I believe everyone should be addressing parasites in some way. There are, however, circumstances and seasons of life when you want to be careful. As in the above examples, when a child is very young, or a mom is pregnant or breastfeeding, I don’t recommend doing step 2, but step 1 and 3 can be done safely.

The only other situation when I would advise caution is with someone who is in such a precarious health situation that almost anything could set them off (close to kidney failure or with stage 4 cancer, for examples). If you think you fit this category, please reach out to me via text and I can discuss your situation and may be able to provide insight and suggestions. Watch this video for more of my thoughts on this topic. 

To discuss your situation or ask questions, text me at ‪(802) 227-7051‬

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