ENOUGH! Balance Your Body and Lose Weight From the Root

I was so frustrated. 

I was doing all the right things. 

My diet was very close to perfect: I was eating clean, my meals were small, I was getting regular exercise, and I rarely ate sugar or anything with a lot of carbs.

Yet weight would creep on… belly, thighs, arms, hips…. 

I knew there must be a secret, but I had to figure out how to master it. 

I’m not a fan of anything artificial: I don’t wear makeup, I eat organic food, I use natural fabrics, and I am not into quick fix weight loss. 

I believe if we are healthy we will be beautiful, from the inside out. 

As I got older, however, it became apparent that what worked to keep me healthy, thin and energetic before was no longer accomplishing that. 

What was I missing? 

Having researched health and natural root cause healing over the years, all of the data points to improving gut balance as the root of our overall health. 

Heal your gut and your gut will heal you.”   

I knew that was the key, but HOW do I heal my gut? 

And what about hormones? It’s very clear that hormones play a huge role in health and especially in weight management. How do hormones tie in and how do I make sure they are balanced and healthy so I don’t have to worry about gaining weight or low energy? 

What I learned was fascinating. 

The gut is the root… but not JUST the gut… and not just hormones… it’s the SIGNALLING!  

We’ve known for about 20 years that gut health is key to everything, and it makes sense: the gut is the ONE line that goes from the entrance to the exit of our bodies. Everything we put in our mouths goes through that line. It’s responsible for absorbing and assimilating all the nutrients our bodies need–and distributing those to the appropriate places. 

So if our gut is unhealthy or imbalanced, of course it will affect the rest of the body. 

What we hadn’t considered was how important the connection between the gut and the brain is, and if we can fix the signaling of the neurotransmitters and hormones with the rest of our bodies… we can optimize everything! 

Of course we have to heal our guts. And of course we need to support brain health. 

…but if we ignore the communication between them, we can still miss the whole point! 

The gut-brain connection is mind-blowing, cutting-edge science that explains so much. 


How do I fix this signaling?? 

I spent years trying probiotics, diets, ferments in my kitchen and natural remedies to figure out how to optimize my gut-brain axis. 

It’s hard because there are so many things the labels don’t tell us… for example: I would try a probiotic that looked great on paper: it had a good variety of strains, a large CFU count, and it seemed like everything I could need (and it wasn’t’ cheap!) but it wouldn’t do anything for me. I wouldn’t see or feel any difference. 

So what was I missing? 

There is now a QUAD-biotic that specifically fixes this signaling issue and targets weight loss! 

  • Bring balance to the gut microbiome
  • Support the brain
  • Restore communication and signaling all over the body

It used only whole food ingredients and nothing artificial, GMO or synthetic

No red flags! 

I’d never seen anything like it. 

Listen to my friend Jenna talk about truly sustainable weight loss. She has lost 79lb (and counting!) by healing her gut-brain axis… and it has changed her life!

Since they have a money back guarantee (a full 90 days!) I didn’t have anything to lose so I decided to try it, and guys….

It works. 

It gets to the root of so many things….

  • Digestion
  • Hormone balance
  • Skin
  • Weight
  • Thyroid
  • Mental Health
  • Energy
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood Sugar
  • Detox
  • Mood 
  • Heart
  • Liver
  • Brain
  • Blood
  • Adrenals
  • Immunity

A formulation that follows the science, that is CLEAN and actually WORKS?? 

This is definitely something you will want to check out. 

Frustrated? Let’s Chat! Text “frustrated” to ‪(802) 227-7051‬

Not only that, but they have a gut-brain healing axis specifically designed for kids and I’ve been seeing my friends get amazing results for their children for digestive, behavioral, mood, focus and spectrum issues, among other things.

Check out some of those stories here. Watching kids heal is my FAVORITE thing. 

Frustrated? Let’s Chat! Text “frustrated” to ‪(802) 227-7051‬

Back to Weight Loss

If weight and mental or physical performance is your primary concern, check out this drink made by the same company. 

It’s fiber based and is excellent for regulating blood sugar and balancing insulin levels in the body, which is directly correlated with fat storage. 

It also works to burn visceral fat (the dangerous stuff around our organs that puts stress on our hearts and accumulates around our waistlines…), improve mood, and increase motivation. 

It even helps to train your brain to want to be more physically active! 

It’s delicious and only contains 3 active ingredients:

🥭 Mango Leaf
🍈 Palm Fruit
🍎 Lychee Fruit

Perfect for warmer weather… I call it “Hydration With Benefits.” 

So whether you want to heal from the root or just tweak and maintain your healthy routine, this is something you should explore. 

This drink can function as an energy drink or pre-workout (but WITHOUT caffeine or sugar or any other nasties!) and it’s more affordable at less than $2 per serving. 

Hydration with health benefits that is actually healing, improves digestion, and brings all the energy and motivation to get things done??

Sign me up!

I can’t get enough of this drink and I think you’ll love it too… 

(but if you don’t there is a full money-back guarantee for a YEAR!)

And if you want both, check out this TRANSFORMATION pack for a great deal!

What do you have to lose?

Frustrated? Let’s Chat! Text “frustrated” to ‪(802) 227-7051‬

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