I Have a Rock for That: The Beauty and Benefits of Creation

When I say the word “crystals” what do you think?

Some people think “healing.”

Some people think “magic” or “luck.”

Some people think “spirituality” or “meditation.”

…and some think “evil.”


I was pondering this question one day and decided to ask social media.

I’m a Christian and I have a lot of Christians with very strong opinions who follow me, so I knew it would be controversial to say the least.

I expected the backlash I got, but as the insults started flying, I was still shocked that people who call themselves Christians would turn ugly so quickly.

I realized that this is a polarizing issue, and as I’ve researched more into the topic, I’ve begun to wonder why.

As a Christian I believe that God made everything, and He called His creation “good.”

As such, I don’t believe anything in creation that God made is inherently evil… because He said it was “good.”

What do you think? Are crystals “good” or “bad?”

Yet this issue is very controversial, I came to find out. And I understand why, but I was discouraged by the unwillingness of fellow Christians to actually think through the issue and discuss it logically.


It is well known that everything has a frequency.

Not limited to radio, TV or cell phones… every food we eat, every piece of clothing we wear, every object we come into contact with has a frequency. Our bodies have frequencies too… and if the frequencies in our proximity are similar to our body’s frequency, we call them “beneficial” or “healing” frequencies, because they harmonize with our bodies and bring us into balance.

But if we encounter frequencies that are very different from our own, they can cause imbalance and even make us sick. Harmful frequencies like EMF radiation can then be mitigated or neutralized with balancing frequencies from other objects.

Make sense?

Almost everyone has smart phones, Wi-Fi, TVs, and other electronic devices in our surroundings that emit harmful frequencies. But there are things we can do to protect ourselves from being harmed by them… like getting an EMF protective device, wearing a stone that has a beneficial frequency, or even with the right kind of clothing.

Touching a rock or metal–or even walking barefoot outside–can ground us and protect us from these harmful frequencies!

Nature can protect us from imbalance that technology brings to our lives.

This is all very logical, scientific and proven. It is grounded in reality and physics.

Crystals and Gemstones in the Bible

I also find it very interesting the mentions of specific crystals and stones in the Bible… and in many cases where they are named, it is God commanding Israel to use them in a specific way… or describing what heaven will be made of.

For example, the high priest’s garments are commanded to be crafted in a very detailed way, and must include the crystals carnelian, chrysolite, beryl (aquamarine), turquoise, lapis lazuli, emerald, jacinth (opal), agate, amethyst, topaz, onyx and jasper (in that order to represent each of the 12 tribes of Israel). 

Of these stones literally commanded by God to be used and worn by the most Holy man in Israel, at least 11 of them are crystals (with a crystalline structure of some type).

Revelation chapter 21 also lists 12 gemstones (crystals) that make up Heaven. These 12 stones match the 12 stones of the High Priest Ephod very closely, if not exactly (there is some speculation exactly what stones are referred to in a couple of cases).

So if you are wondering if stones can or should be used by Christians, there is a very strong case for their use based on the Bible itself.
…not to mention all the times in the Bible where God is literally described as a Rock. 

My Take:

  1. God created His creation for good and to benefit humans.
  2. Satan has twisted everything and used it for evil: including food, herbs,  rocks and crystals, sex, music, stretching of our bodies.
Do we allow Satan to take these things and claim them for himself or do we defy that evil and use the good things God has created for our benefit, in the way He intended?
Everything has a frequency.  Some frequencies are compatible with our bodies and some are not. Most of the frequencies we are exposed to these days (from technology, electricity, etc.) are harmful to our bodies.
There are rocks and stones that can neutralize those harmful frequencies. It’s physics. it’s proven. It’s measurable.
Why on earth would we not use God’s creation and it’s physical benefits to us because someone else has used those objects for evil by twisting them?
God is our Healer. God has imbued His creation with healing properties.

What Should We Do?

So now that we have come to the conclusion that rocks, stones and crystals are made by God and are good and beneficial to us and our health, how should we use them?
I believe God created things that are good for us to be attractive to us so we would be drawn to them.

Why do we want to put shiny, sparkly rocks around our necks, on our fingers and dangling from our ears?

Because they are beautiful!
Since they are beautiful and beneficial to us, why not use them?
I have recently enjoyed looking at the proven benefits of different rocks and stones and have gone on somewhat of a shopping spree to have a variety of them on hand.
Now I not only have cool bracelets, necklaces and earrings to wear with every outfit, I have tools that help protect against radiation, promote bone healing and growth, promote calming and relaxation, help with wound healing and other benefits.
I have always been fascinated with rocks (even ones I just found lying on the ground or at the beach), and now that I know God has given them to us for our benefit, I don’t feel bad about finding these pieces of the earth and surrounding myself with them, as a reminder of God’s love for us.

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